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Survey Paper 2010

No description

Adriene Umecker

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Survey Paper 2010

Survey Paper 2010 3 Basic Relationships
Knowing the social space between these relationships can help speakers of other languages in deciphering the level of formality or politeness needed in certain situations, if any is needed at all. Level 1 Request: I think I feel like tea.
Response: oh you do?
Speaker: Yes
Response: (Makes tea)

(Spouses, off-record)
Request: William, come set the table
Response: Coming sweetie (gets up to set the table)

(Spouses, Baldly)
Level 2 Request: If I buy some ink, can I use your printer?
Response: You don’t have to buy ink, you can just use it.
Speaker: Are you sure? It’s color.
Response: Not a problem.
Request: Do you work tomorrow?
Response: Yes. All day?
Speaker: Oh I was gonna see if you could bring my paycheck home.
Will you come home at all between shifts or are you staying the whole time?
Response: Um it depends what time I get done cuz I have to work at Metcalf 3-5 in between.
I’ll let you know.
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