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Mary Shelly by Kylee Payne

No description

Mr. Stack

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Mary Shelly by Kylee Payne

about the author
books she wrote
Mary Shelly wrote many books other than Frankenstein for example The Last Man, Mathilda, Falkner, Valperga, and many more.
Mary's siblings
Mary had four siblings Claire Clairmont, Fanny Imlay, William Godwin, and Charles Clairmont.
Mary's parents
Mary's parents where Mary Woolstonecraft and William Godwin
Mary had three kids their names are Percy Florence Shelly,Clara Everina Shelly, and William Shelly.
Lived and Died
Mary was born August 30th, 1797 and died February 1st, 1851 at age 53.
Mary Shelly
Mary's Children
St Peter's Church in
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