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EDU 573 Fieldwork Presentation

No description

Mercedes Gonzalez

on 6 September 2018

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Transcript of EDU 573 Fieldwork Presentation

There is more technology than computers in the classroom. Teachers also use radios and CD players to help students with nap time and for music time. Teachers also have technology toys. For example, toys that play music or toys that assist in learning.
In the preschool classrooms, teachers use many manipulatives to assist in student learning. The manipulatives help the students to practice learning hands-on. They also use Ipads to practice reading and mathematics activities.
Heritage House Preschool/Daycare Center
Teachers in each room have access to a computer. It is monitored by the Heritage Park Nursing Home, as the building is owned by them. Sites like Pinterest, Facebook, etc are blocked. Teachers have to get special permission to have access to sites like these for lesson planning. Teachers sign a site policy usage form. Teachers request permission for access outside of scheduled time for planning. Teachers use computers for planning time and to print materials needed for daily lessons.
Heritage House has seven rooms. It is run by our local YMCA. The UPK program is the first three year old UPK program in our area, which was interesting to me. It is located in Jamestown, NY. There are two infant rooms (6 weeks to 18 months), two toddler rooms (18-36 months, a two and three year old room, and one on site UPK program (three year olds, and one off-site UPK program (4 year olds). There is a computer in each room, except the infant rooms, and two computers in the office.
Upon talking with the teachers, I learned that they feel like the technology they do have is outdated.
The computers are slow when the teachers try to use them. They are also older. One teacher stated, "The computers need to be updated."
"I know how important technology is and what it can do for students. I feel like we need to put more into improving our technology to benefit our students.
I spoke with Ronda, who runs the program, about the technology they have. She stated, "I know there are many educational applications and websites out to assist our teachers and help our students. I know we need to improve our technology and it is something that I am currently working on to improve."
Teacher Interviews
I administered my survey to the ten staff working in the center.
Half of the teachers spend 3 hours or more a day on the Internet for school related activities. The other half spend 0 hours. For non-school related activities, one teacher said 6 hours, 60% three hours, and 20% zero hours.
When asked about hours reading for fun, 60 % said never, 20% an hour, and 20 % more than two hours.
Teachers said they get their news from TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet, and Facebook.
Teachers were asked to rank 1-4 staying up late to use the Internet, play videogames, not staying up late, and to do homework/schoolwork. 100% said that they use the Internet.
They were also asked how many times a week they do that. Using the Internet, all but one teacher was twice a week or higher. Playing videogames, all but one said never. Watching TV was twice a week or higher. Doing schoolwork was twice a week or higher.
Survey Results
After talking with the teachers and staff in the center and administering the survey, I was shocked. Most teachers used Internet and Social Media for non school related activities. I wonder if this is due to the problems with limited technology resources for the teachers. It will be interesting to go back and see how things have changed. I predict that if the technology improves, the teachers will be able to use it for more school related activities. I will be going back before the semester ends to see if things are changing.

EDU 573 Fieldwork Presentation
Mercedes Gonzalez
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