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The Hound of the Baskervilles

Character Descriptions.

Sarah N'Goyi

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Sherlock Holmess
• The novel's protagonist. Sherlock Holmes is the famous 221B Baker Street detective with a keen eye, and the trademark hat and pipe. Although he takes a bit of a back seat to Watson in this story, we always feel his presence. It takes his legendary powers to deduce the incomprehensible threads of the case.
Dr. John Watson
The novel's other protagonist and narrator. Dr. Watson is Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick. In the Hound of the Baskervilles, Watson plays a big part in Holmes' cases, showing his eagerness to impress the master (Sherlock) by solving such a confusing case. Though observant, Watson lacks Holmes's imagination and analytical ability.
Dr. James Mortimer
• Dr. Mortimer is a somewhat round character in the book. Dr. Mortimer is the man who employs Holmes’ for this case. He is a family friend and doctor to the Baskervilles. Mortimer is a tall, thin man who is the executor of Charles's estate. Mortimer is also a physician, and he wishes and hopes to someday have the opportunity to study Holmes' head.
Sir Hugo Baskerville
• Sir Hugo Baskerville is the long-dead Baskerville whose infidelity and immorality supposedly inspired the curse of the Baskervilles. Sir Hugo Baskerville is a flat character, for he does not change throughout the book.
Sir Henry Baskerville
• Sir Henry Baskerville is the nephew of Sir Charles Baskerville, and heir of the Baskerville estate and fortune, he is the last living member of the Baskerville family. Sir Henry is described as "a small, alert, dark-eyed man about thirty years of age, very sturdily built." Sir Henry is a flat character.
Mr. Stapleton
• Mr. Jack Stapleton is a "naturalist" who studies butterflies and plants out on the moor; Stapleton chases butterflies and reveals his short temper only at key moments. Born Rodger Baskerville, he has used several ‘nicknames’ in the past, including Mr. Vandeleur, and he once managed a school. He is discovered to be the nephew of Sir Charles Baskerville, meaning he is therefore Sir Henry's cousin. I would say Mr. Stapleton is a dynamic character because we discover many different aspects of him throughout the book.
Miss Stapleton
• Miss Beryl Stapleton is the woman believed to be Stapleton's sister, but who is actually his wife. Though less wicked than he is, she has been his aid for a long time, having used the nickname Mrs. Vandeleur. Miss Stapleton is a somewhat dynamic character for she changes throughout the book.
Mr. Frankland
• Laura's father. Frankland is an old man who lives on the moor and enjoys causing legal trouble for his neighbors’. Frankland is a stock character because he is the stereotypical father who disapproves of his daughters relationships.
• Selden, also known as “the Nottinghill Murderer” is a convict who has escaped to the moor from the nearby prison, Princetown. Mrs. Barrymore's younger brother, Selden is presented as an immoral creature. Selden, like most of the characters in this book , is a flat character for he does not change throughout the story. However, some could argue that he is a dynamic character for he does changes from being 'alive' to being 'dead'.
Mr. and Mrs. Barrymore
• Mr. and Mrs. Barrymore are the longtime domestic help of the Baskerville clan. They are flat characters because they do not dramatically change throughout the story.
Miss Laura Lyons
• Laura Lyons is Old Frankland's daughter and Stapleton's mistress. Subsequently abandoned by her husband, Laura turns to Mr. Stapleton and Sir Charles for help. Laura Lyons is a static character in this book because although we do see different aspects of her person, she does not change significantly throughout the book.
The Hound
• The Hound of the Baskervilles is a Mastiff-like dog. The Hound is also a murderous villain. The Hound is a stock character for it is the stereotypical supernatural antagonist aspect of olden stories.
By: Sarah N'Goyi
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