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M.A.C. Cosmetics

No description

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of M.A.C. Cosmetics

M.A.C. Cosmetics
Situational Analysis
SWOT Analysis

Communication Objectives
Natural Elegance
Founded in Toronto, ON
Frank Toskan & Frank Angelo
1998 - Bought by Estee Lauder
Product Overview
Chic packaging & simple Logo
Large cosmetics line (eyes, lips, nails, etc.)
Cost: ranging from $15-$40
Oil Free
Slogan: "All ages, All races, All sexes"
Competitive market
Economic Recession
Looking for convenience & price
Remind customers of quality
New Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20
Target: Professional women ages 40-60
Increase demand to preserve youthfulness of skin
Lack of brand awareness in this demographic
Wide range of demographics
Strong celebrity base
Cruelty Free/Oil Free
Excellent service
Environmentally friendly
High prices
Minimal employees
Limited awareness
Advertised to 20 to mid 30s demographic
Known for colour, not skin-care
Create seperate stores
Increase awareness
Advertise M.A.C. return policy
Advertise charitable work
Corporate Social Responsibility
Competing brands
Competing department stores
Competitive prices
Economic Depression
Aging demographics
1. Respond to the compelling need & build a differentiated experience for professional women in the 40-60 demographic who desire to look & feel younger using M.A.C.'s new Natural Elegance anti-aging product.

2. Identify experience insights to build product awareness around M.A.C.'s new Natural Elegance that targets professional women's wants and needs by the end of Dec.31/14.

3. Increase M.A.C.'s Cosmetics revenues by 20% in the next fiscal year, which will be sustained in subsequent years by the increase brand awareness associated with the campaign.
The Media
Professional Women 40-60
1. Launch special events
2. Utilize media relations
3. Awareness through proprietary & advertising print materials
"Makeup that brings back your inner youth"
"Chic, Sophisticated Elegance- M.A.C.means BUSINESS"
Key Messages
No matter what age, women deserve high quality makeup that promotes longevity of their skin. Natural Elegance gives high quality coverage and colours that is targeted to each individual's style, while contributing to a more natural state of beauty.

Looking younger adds to women's confidence levels that can help promote a happy and successful life. Natural Elegance preserves women's youthful beauty while protecting the skin from environmental stresses.
Strategy #1: Special Events
Product Launch Event
Makeovers/Makeup Tutorials
Strategy #2: Media Relations
Television Feature Story
Media Releases
Strategy #3: Print Materials
Print Ads
Posters & Billboards
Launch Event:Surveys
Television Feature:Data Retrieval
Media Release: MRPs
Print Ads: Clippings/MRPs
Posters/Billboards:Online survey
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