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No description

Philipp Putz

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of SDN

Software defined Networking changing the way we work, live, learn AND FLY! :-) At the beginning - networking was simple... A B just like with aviation... people wanted to get from A to B over time networking grew a little bit complex... over time aviation became a little bit complex too... millions of routers & switches hundreds of vendors, protocols and standards millions of passengers thousands of airports and airplanes thousands of Providers and corporate networks hundreds of airlines and manufacturers Absolutely NOT!

A simple example... OK - so far so good!
Does that mean, all we need is...

- untrained aviation staff?
- empty, service-less airports?
- cheap and insecure airplanes? The basic idea behind SDN is to TAKE INTELLIGENCE OUT of all the various connection points and deploy intelligence CENTRALLY.

+ Operational simplicity
+ Programmability
+ Application-awareness
How can we leverage these heterogeneous and complex 'networks of networks' and make them adaptable to the daily changing needs of people and companies worldwide...?!? Wouldn't it be nice if at the airport in Frankfurt... - Airport staff picks you up after landing
- has your favorite coffee ready
- brings you to the restrooms
- shows you the Kiosk to buy your favorite magazine
- has some tips on duty-free shopping
- guides you to the right gate for your onward journey Wouldn't it be nice if the network simply knows... - what type of application is coming in
- makes sure this application gets all the services it needs
- adapts the path optimally for the application
- sees the big picture and arranges the "onward journey" in the network
- follows through, all the way to the final recipient ...and it's getting even messier for these networks! passengers want MORE (personalized) service just like Video, Apps and mission critical data
want to be prioritized in ANY network! SDN -> Software Defined Networking Example API -> Airport Example Controller/Agent -> Airport Example Overlays -> Airport SDN -> An unstoppable networking revolution

Cisco SDN

We deliver a complete framework to provide ALL the services and possibilities in an SDN environment
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