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Copy of History of the English Language

No description

lauren fernandes

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of History of the English Language

Early Modern English 1500-1800 William The Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, invades and conquers England The English language became dominant in Britain again, but many French words were added 1400 HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE OLD ENGLISH (450-1100) 1066 These invading tribes spoke similar languages, which developed into Old English MIDDLE ENGLISH (1100-1500) 1348 English replaces Latin as the main language in schools 1604 The first English dictionary was published Renaissance Most of the words from the Greek and Latin languages were added to the English language Restoration 1662, The Royal Society began work to improve the English language Late Modern English (1800-Present) 1828 Webster publishes his first American English dictionary Romantic CURRENT LANGUAGE Man Cave Sexting F-Bomb Bucket List Aha Moment Energy Drink
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