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Who was Steve Jobs?????

No description

Bryce Hunter

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of Who was Steve Jobs?????


Steve Jobs' Early Life
Steve Jobs was born to Abdulfattah Jandali on February 24th, 1955. His name was Steven Paul Jobs and he was adopted by a nice man named Paul Jobs. Three years after he was born the Jobses adopted a little girl named Patti. Steve liked her but they didn't much in common. Steve loved to help his dad work on cars and other things. When Steve was five his dad, Paul, built him a workbench.
When Steve was 13 he was going through a computer kit and discovered a piece was missing. He then acquired a phone book and called Hewlett-Packard. The owner said he was sorry and some how Steve jobs was able to get a job there.
The Birth of Apple Inc.
Apple Computers Inc. was introduced on April Fool's Day 1976. Steve was living with his girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan, at the time. Also, the company's "office" or "headquarters" was in Steve's parents' garage. His friend, Steve Wozniak, was the one invented the circuitry for the Apple. In 1977 Steve and Steve invented the Apple II.
Later on after Steve was kicked out of his own company he scored a deal with Disney and created Pixar Animations and created the first ever completely computer animated movie, "Toy Story". Later he was let back into Apple and created the Mac. The first Macs were multi-colored because of Steve's visit to the jelly bean factory. After that Steve and Bill Gates teamed up Bill Gates and created the Internet Macintosh or the iMac.
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