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Tin Can API

No description

Dave Correale

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Tin Can API

And why you should care? What Is the Tin Can API? It's the Next Generation
of SCORM So what the heck is SCORM?
What does it do?
Why do we need a new version? What Can Tin Can Do? Record any learning event
Free up learner data
Get a better sense of training ROI How Does Tin Can Work? Activity Streams
Learning Record Stores So when can I get
this cool thing? Version 1.0 is due May 2013
Lots of information is on the web SCORM = Sharable Content Object Reference Model

Technical standard that allows eLearning courses to
work in different LMSs Developed ~2000
Tracks eLearning completions and scores SCORM doesn't:
Work well with mobile
Record learning events outside an LMS
Track more than just scores and completions LMS LMS Personal Data Locker LRS Record any learning event Free up learner data Get a better sense of training ROI LRS Expense
System Reporting
tool Activity Streams I + Did + This LRS Course Web
page Game Simulator http://tincanapi.com
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