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Hayley Heilman

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sports In Parque Nacional de Diversiones
there are many thrill rides such as
this one... And this one... There are many attractions
in Costa Rica such as Parque
Nacionalde Diversiones an amusement park. This amusement park is even more special then most because every penny they make in the amusement park goes to the Children's Hospital. The park relies on donations to cover their expenses. They also have fairs and carnivals in Costa Rica with rides and games, although nothing seems to compare to the amusement park Parque Nacionalde Diversiones. Costa Rica In Costa Rica there are many sports and not just the ones we see on T.V.! Although they watch Futball (we call it soccer in the U.S.A.), basketball, baseball, and sometimes even live bullfighting, Costa Ricans like to stay active by playing these sports as well. They enjoy Futball (soccer), baseball, basketball, volleyball, surfing, tennis, and auto racing. Futball is a national sport as well as bullfighting; therefore they have a large bullfighting rink and a futball stadium. Surroundings West To the west of Costa Rica
is the Pacific Ocean. South West To the Southwest of Cost Rica is El Salvador. South To the south of Costa Rica Is the Pacific Ocean. South East Southeast of Costa Rica is Panama. East East of Costa Rica is the Carribean Sea. North East Northeast of Costa Rica is Jamaica. North North of Costa Rica is Nicaragua. North West Northwest of Costa Rica is Honduras. Battle of Rivas Battle of Rivas is a famous holiday celebrated with parades, festivals, parties, festive food, fairs, concerts, dancing, and lots of wine for the adults. This is all celebrated on April 13th. Battle of Rivas was a battle for independence against Walker and his overpowering army. William Walker had already taken over Nicaragua. Within a few minuets of battle Walker fled leaving Costa Ricans their freedom. This day is celebrated because of wining the battle and to honor the people who lost their lives in battle. Parque
Nacionalde Diversiones Landlocked or Surrounded by water? Costa Rica is neither landlocked or surrounded by water. It lies between Panama and Nicaragua. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west coast and the Caribbean Sea on the east coast. Panama Pacific Ocean Nicaragua Caribbean Sea Caribbean or South America? Costa Rica is located in the Southern part of South America. North America South America Jobs There are three major jobs in Costa Rica: agriculture, industry and service jobs. Agriculture takes the lead at a percentage of a 58%. Industrial jobs are next at 22%. Finally, service jobs come in last with 20%. Some of the crops on the farms include coffee beans, pineapples, sugar, rice, beans, and potatoes. Agricultural jobs also include raising cattle for the meat and chopping down trees for timber. All these materials and food are sold or exported. The government gets the tax if sold, and if exported the government gets the money from exporting it. So all around agricultural jobs are very important. Agricultural Jobs Industrial jobs include making clothing or textiles to put in stores. This also includes food processing and microprocessors as well. It includes making plastic and construction materials. Most of the things are exported overseas for a lot of money which mostly goes to the government. This makes industrial jobs good for the economy. Industrial Jobs Service jobs are jobs that help or assist people; such as a bus driver or a doctor. Firemen and people who work on rescue teams are also types of service jobs. Service Jobs This is a picture of a coffee bean crop before the process of turning them into usable coffee beans. Agricultural Jobs Industrial jobs Service Jobs This is a picture of doctors in Costa Rica. Wildlife clothing and textiles like these sell fast in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a democratic republic government. This means the people have the right to vote for their president. This is different from being ruled by a king or queen because the people have an active part in making the decisions in their country. This means that they still have laws to follow but they have more freedom to decide the things they want for their country. Democratic Republic Government He served as a president for four years.(1849 - 1853) Who was he? He encouraged children to get an education. He also built many public buildings which included public schools. This helped to create new jobs. He also gave Costa Rica its first national bank and street lighting system. Why was he important? He lived from 1814-1860. He died at the age of 46 years. Lifespan Things you will find out:
His Lifespan
Why he was important
Who he was Juan Mora Costa Rica spends an average of $13,320,000,000 on imports a year. Popular imports include consumer goods, equipment needed in the capital building and petroleum. Popular imports come from The U.S., Japan, and Mexico. Costa Rica makes an average of $10,010,000,000 in exports each year. Popular exports include coffee, coffee beans, bananas, sugar, pineapples, textiles, electronics, and mechanical equipment. Popular places Costa Rica trades with includes the US, The Netherlands, and Mexico. This concludes my information that I have on Costa Rica. I hope you enjoyed all my hard work that I put into my Prezi. Thanks for watching!!!!! The first female president of Costa Rica is Laura Chinchilla Miranda. She received her masters degree from Georgetown University in Costa Rica. Laura became president in 2009 and has almost served her four year term. A president in Costa Rica can only serve one term (or four years) as the president. Laura Chinchilla Miranda Works Cited
"Anniversary of the Battle of Rivas."www.aglobalworld.com." N.d.Web.13
March 2013

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"Costa Rica." Culturegrams. 2013: n.pag. Culturegrams. Web. 2 March 2013. Imports Exports One of the most interesting and important people in Costa Rican history was Juan Mora! He was also very important in the growth of the economy. Recreation Chapter 1 Geography Chapter2 Celebration Chapter 4 Famous people Chapter 5 Economy Chapter 3 Costa Rica is an interesting country. In this Prezi you will learn about a special amusement park, sports, Costa Rica's surroundings and other geographical features, some types of jobs, imports and exports, the current president, a previous president, and the holiday - The Battle of Rivas.
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