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Ian Torrey

No description

Health 7

on 4 April 2018

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Transcript of Ian Torrey

Quality #1: Trust
I can trust my Mom because she can trust me. I know this because she will be on my side. For example, when I got into a heated argument with a friend, she was on my side.
Quality #2: Responsibility
My Mom is responsible, because she does anything needed. For example, she will eat healthy and go to the gym every day.
Quality #4: Kind
My Mom is kind, because she will put others first. I know this because she will always let other cars go first while she is turning.
Quality #3: Caring
My Mom is caring, because she will help anybody at any time. One time, my mom was late picking me up from school, and she asked if the other student needed a ride.
Thank you!
My Hero: My Mom
Renee Torrey
Advice From My Hero
Question #1
What advice can you give me about
making personal decisions in my life?
"Trust your gut, take time to think, also examine your motivation."

Question #2
What should I do to resist peer pressure?
" Know who you are and whose you are"

Question #3
Who is your hero? Why?
"My Grandmother. She was loving, and she served. She was also giving to those who needed, and everybody loved her."
My Hero:
Renee Torrey
Quality #5: Respectful
My Mom is respectful because she thinks of others and before she speaks.
I believe this because she will always think of others and hear their decision
so their feelings won't be hurt.
My Mom is cool
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