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veronica acevedo

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Learning Team A
February 21, 2013
Richard Arriaga Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. Introduction RM, Andrea, Dwight Current Power Structures
Informal and formal
Effects on employee behavior
Which organizational structures will help Riordan
Selected Structure and Riordan Culture
Effects on employee behavior
Resistance to Change-the sources and strategies
Strategy and Evaluation Change Management Plan Bennie, Veronica, Richard CHANGE MANAGEMENT & COMMUNICATION PLAN Now how do we
communicate this to
all the employees? Richard Communication Plan Communication Channels
Barriers and Strategies
Message for Riordan Employees
Those Affected
The Need for Change
Sense of Urgency
Steps in Change Process Open Discussion Conclusion Change
Plan Agenda Bennie Veronica RM C
S the • Formal Power structure, chart detail the lines of authority and responsibilities of various positions, and outlines the formal power structure.

• Portal Web Digital Alchemy System. Management interacts and tracks customer’s information and feedback Company does not have current formal system

Informal power structure, traditionally left out to individual employee
>Strong personalities are more influential and more political power
>Quite people will be intimidated by aggressive people

Power and political behavior are inevitable in all organizations
>Ex: Compensation Employee Behavior if you treat your employees well then you will get more loyalty Over the next 12 months the organization shall have gender based training in the conference rooms as well as on the web portal. These training shall be conducted quarterly to ensure all members of the organization understand the new policies. The organization shall run data analysis of the training that was conducted and strive for diversity within the organization. The company must avoid discriminatory practices and continue to adjust the policies put in place. Lack of understanding of new system

Fear of change and the new system

New knowledge learned for employees Innovative and team orientated

Educate, inform, and support employees

Long-term viability for Riordan Effects of Digital Alchemy System on Employees Riordian’s Company Culture Diversity Management New laws have come into effect providing same sex couples to have benefits as traditional marriages. Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity: Organizations must be aware of this to eliminate unfair discrimination. By educating the employees with training and development situations, this will help to minimize discrimination. Andrea Dwight Effective Communication E-mail

Web Portal


Handbook/Guidelines Most Appropriate Channels OPEN DISCUSSION Questions/Comments CONCLUSION Andrea Lacking clarity

Jumping to Conclusions

Dysfunctional Responses

Lacking Confidence Potential Barriers Using Stereotypes, Generalizations, Jargon

Noise (Internal & External) Overcoming Those Barriers Create an organized plan that is detailed (goal, process, & expectations), yet flexible

Take time to respond to questions, create a support team within IT and Human Resources

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Be specific, do not assume

Ask for feedback
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