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Year 10 Media Studies - Assignment 2

Guidance for GCSE AQA Media Studies pupils

Tom Ward

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Year 10 Media Studies - Assignment 2

Assignment 2 Part 1: Compare a trailer and a poster You should have already fully annotated at least one poster from the film of your choice, and made notes on a trailer from the same film Remember: Codes and conventions: for or against?
Key concepts: Relate everything to them!
What are the USP's of your film?
Don't just focus on image and sound - dialogue and plot is just as important
MEDIA TERMINOLOGY Get all of your notes together and start typing them up Compare the trailer to the poster and how each represents the film in different ways You now have an essay. Sorted. Colours Caption Position/Framing of characters Title Actors - equal billing? Look at other Batman posters Logo Clues to storyline? Villain? Same colours? Same characters? Music - expected? Plot/Narrative? Speed of cuts Title/Fonts Actors - screen time Part 2: Research and plan
your own poster/trailer Come up with a decent idea Produce a pitch (200 words) List the characters and
decide who will play them
- and a director/film studio Identify your target audience - how will you reach them? Ad/Promo/Merch Produce your texts - poster/web ad AND trailer/radio ad. Essay - style explanation of
why you have designed your
materials like this. Don't forget to check in your blue booklets for the mark scheme - make sure everything that the examiners want to see is covered!
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