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Human Geography

No description

frank ryan

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Human Geography

Lets review what we know so far! What is Demography?

What makes population growth possible according to T. Malthus?

What happens to populations if they don't have substanance?

About how many Humans live on the Earth today?

About how many Humans lived on the Earth 250 years ago?

Name 10 things that make human life easier today than it was
just 100 years ago. (Mr. Ryan write this on the board)

Name 5 things that make life easier and have come out in the last 20 years.

What did the Industrial Revolution have to do with this?

What Revolution are we living in today? How has music changed over the
past 100 or so years? What were people writing about 100-200 years ago?

What can music show us about cultures in humanity?

Do you think all, some , or no races and ethnic groups on earth
have music that has changed over the past 100 years as a result of the
industrial revolution? Do you believe artist like Bob Marley, John Lenon
or Bob Dylan can change the world for the better? Why is Oil and Coal and Natural Gas so important to human life? What is so bad about coal and Oil and
natural gas? How much oil is left? Why is it important that the USA protects
its ability to get oil? Do you think its OK if the
USA spends money to protect itself
while other people in the world suffer? For the remainder of class
write a poem or song about the
issues we have been looking at.
Incorperate the issues which humanity
faces. This will be worth 4pts, but there
is 2pts of extra credit available for great work.
Total (6pts) TUrn it in before you leave!!!!
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