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kelsie hayes

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Vietnam

Cha Ca- Grilled Minced Fish
Grilled minced fish has been served in Vietnam for more than 100 years. The Doan family of Cha Ca Street in Hanoi first invented this dish.
A wide variety of fish can be used in this dish including sturgeon and tuna.
Com Ga
Bean Sprouts
Chicken Broth
Chicken Breast
Cooking Methods in Vietnam

Vietnamese food, with its wide variety of textures and tastes is surprisingly easy to cook. Vegetables and fish in particular, which make up large part of the Vietnamese diet, are gently cooked and lightly seasoned, allowing the true flavors of the food to come through.

Com - Boiled Rice

In Vietnam, com is eaten at the main meals of the day (lunch and dinner). Rice is eaten together with a variety of different dishes and is made from different kinds of rice. Typically fragrant rice is used, such as Tam Thom and Nang Huong.
Vietnam Religion

Due to historical contact with China, Vietnamese cuisine shares many of its characteristics with Chinese cuisine. In culinary traditions, the Chinese introduced to Vietnam many dishes such as wheat noodles, rice, etc.

Historic Foods in Vietnam
Some foods in Vietnam that are very historic and traditional is rice and noodles. Rice and noodle are very traditional because its a food that most like to eat.
Pho is the most popular food among the Vietnamese population. Pho is commonly eaten for breakfast, although many people will have it for their lunch or dinner. Anyone feeling hungry in the small hours of the morning can also enjoy a bowl of hot and spicy pho to fill their empty stomachs.
By:Kelsie Hayes and Marquis Hayes
First you boil 2 chicken breast and season.Then you rinse vegetables in cold water. Next you marinade vegetables in terriyaki for 30 minutes. Measure 2 1/2 cups of rice. Add rice to your broth. Cook rice in your broth. Cut up your onion and pick the cilantro. Finally put it all together.
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