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Liminality, England Advance 2016

No description

Katy Lines

on 25 November 2016

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Transcript of Liminality, England Advance 2016

Doorstep of now
hold on, and maybe you'll die
Hover here for a bit
The end.
That spinning round
This is a peculiar place, says Martyn.
But Emma harvests apples and zinnias and I realize my liminality is their reality.
Liminality: a poem
Visual Ethnography
by Katy Drage Lines

No stay,
and around
of where you are and where
you will be
In and out
time and time
[Christchurch sundial,
viewed from deanery]
and not yet--
(and be chopped to pieces, but)
stay longer
Savor the time
Between the hard times the fathers in law and occupations and appointments
Step away into
feasts (and)
punting (and)
Step away into

towers tolling the hours (and)
gardens of rosemary and sheepdogs
Step away for a time to look again at what matters
Deep questions of meaning and
But don't forget to get on the plane to make the flight back

Time zone times eight

Leaving the Sevens for a time

To settle back in to what will be.

That place that is not yet but must be different now because of what was
(which is merely reality, because we've become reflective, practitioners of the Kingdom).
the friends
the place in between
maybe you'll live
and mentoring
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