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This is how football started and how it became America's sport.

Gavin Hebert

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Football

By Gavin Hebert
How Football started
This is about football and how it started and how it became popular as American's sport and is the only country to play football, in other countries they play soccer and call it football.
The 49ers have won 5 superbowls and havent lost any one except last year against the ravens suck!

First Superbowl Game
How it all started
Football started first from the discovery of rugby that the Europeans played and then the Americans
tried something similar to that, Walter Camp then edited the rule book of it at a Convention he then died a couple years later in 1925.
Here is the first Pro American football player
his name was William (Pudge) Heffelfinger.

When it got popular
Not until the 1950's American football became a popular sport, it was first played in England where one team wanted to play a sport like rugby and the other team wanted to play soccer so they divided up and played the two sports on different fields.

Walter camp was the coach of Yale University, he added the fourth down in 1912 and the rule book was finished around in the 1920's.

The first football game was played in October 3, 1920, the final score was 45-0! It was the Columbus Panhandles vs. Dayton Triangles. They had weird names for football teams back then.
First Indoor Game

It was played in 1930 and was in Chicago Bears vs. the

, it was in the Chicago

The uniforms
Uniforms used in the early
to mid 1900's were way different
then the ones we use today, they
used different shoes different uniforms

First Superbowl

The first Superbowl (Super bowl I) was in
1966, it was the Green Bay Packers vs. the
Kansas City Chiefs, the Packers won 35-10.

The first Superbowl game (Superbowl I) was the Green Bay Packers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs and it toke place in 1966 and the Packers won 35-10.

First ever football game
About Walter Camp
First Thanksgiving NFL Game
It was the Detroit Lions vs. the Chicago Bears
and the tradition started in 1934 of NFL games
happening on Thanksgiving, though only 2 games
to 3 on the day. The Bears won 19-16, and though
the Lions play on Thanksgiving every year since 1934 and that is when the tradition started. Here is
a picture of the game!

Penalties in American Football
There are about 100 penalties in the NFL
some of them are automatic first downs, like
Encroachment or Offsides, some are 5 yard
penalties like false starts. Roughing the passer
is spotted right where the foul happened which
can be preety big chunch of yardage.
The Development of the official NFL Football
At first in the 1940's the Wilson NFL
football was too big and like an oval
and couldn't make a spiral, through
the years Wilson has made better
footballs like "The Duke" is the
official game ball of the NFL today, they
instead put less seames to make it spin better.
The difference between american football(NFL)
and the Canadian football league( CFL) is that the canadians have a 115 yard field and Americans have an only 100 yards including the endzone it is 110.

Difference between NFL and CFL
The NFL football

Longest field goal
The longest field goal ever was recorded last year
it was Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos made
a 64 yard field goal! Last year December 8, 2013 but the 2013-14 season went into the 2014 season.
The second longest is by David Akers tied with alot of other field goal kickers. Matt Prater made NFL history!
The longest recorded Pass

football pass was one of
them by Jamarccus Russel threw
55 yards, although it is tied
with alot of others.
Like Don Meredith of the
Cowboys in 1966.

First Xmas Game
The first nfl christmas game
was in 1971 with the Dallas Cowboys and
33 hall of famers took part in the game.

Hall of Fame in Football
In 1920, the Hall of Fame was founded in
Canton, Ohio but didnt open unitl they year
of 1963, off of interstate Highway 77 in Ohio.
The best players make it there and are really good
in the NFL. It is there because NFL was the new term for American football there in 1920.
Most reception yards single season record

It is held by Calvin Johnson with 1,964
yards, 2nd is Jerry Rice with 1,848 reception
yards on the SF 49ERS!
Calvin Johnson
Jerry Rice
Most passing yards in a season
It is held by Peyton Manning
of the Denver Broncos, and Second
is Drew Bress of the New Orleans

Most rushing yards
in a season
The record is held by
Eric Dickerson of the
St. Louis Rams in
1984, 2nd is Adrain Peterson
who is currently playing for the
Minnesota Vikings.
The 49ers are my favoirte
team in the NFL and they
have won 5 Super Bowl Champions
and have mostly been in the 80's.
GO 49ers!!!!! With Joe Montana and
Jerry Rice.

Colin Kapernick current QB
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