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Azunia Tequila :: Possible Marketing Strategy

This presentation is an overview of ideas centered on growing the brand

Andrew Straight

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Azunia Tequila :: Possible Marketing Strategy

This presentation is an overview of possible marketing strategies focused on growing the brand Involve Azuñia with Action Sports Events in all demographics in the umbrella (Snow, Skate, Wake, Surf, BMX, Moto, Rock Climbing, DH MTB, Sky Diving, Off-Road etc...)
Strategically pick a events each year and make sure to have a strong presence
Host 'Official After Parties' at these events as well Affiliate with a wider Action Sports Event Outreach Music Festivals Brand = Lifestyle Azuñia accepts and practices these principles and has been involved with many awesome events and influential people

Right on point with doing events at US Open, Sponsoring Iconic Athletes, Off-Road Race Team, and doing various events in Fashion & Action Sports

**Growing Image organically and having a quality product to back it up is what its all about! Azuñia Tequila It is essential that Azuñia continues to spread itself among many demographics to appeal to wider consumer base

It is imperative to think broadly here...

- Action Sports - Focus on ALL the different sectors of that umbrella

- Fashion - Again many sub categories under this umbrella

- Music - Appeal to as many music genres as possible Expanding Demographics The Summer Winter Action Tours, LLC (SWAT) Team was formed in 1997 by an experienced group of friends who shared the same vision and passion for the Travel, Entertainment, and action sports industries. Become a Sponsor of SWAT The most successful brands today are predominantly Lifestyle based
Ex. Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Patron, Grey Goose, Kettle One, Vans, Y&R etc...
Point being that consumers support the lifestyle they choose to live via brands supporting that lifestyle Public Image Brands grow and project their desired image to consumers so they can then affiliate their personal identity with the lifestyle of the brand.
Image is grown organically through the events, people, and scene it associates with
When a brand is constantly involved with cool events attended by 'hip', 'trendy', and 'niche specific' people the brand starts to appeal strongly IT DOES NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT!

- ROI can be unclear, and it can be challenging to continue supporting events, athletes, musicians and other activations when the ROI is not immediate.
Persistence & Consistency is key to growth As a young start up, There is potential to grow Azuñia into many different demographics.

Tequila/Alcohol is something that can be relevant in a variety of spaces
That being said, It is imperative to continue to stay relevant to its core values as a brand.
Must be true to Image and communicate that to the public creatively Staying Relevant Including but not limited to:
College Students (Fraternity & Sororities), Fashion Guru's, Club Promoters, Concert goers, Action Sports Enthusiasts, Trendsetters, Followers, most of the world population to be honest...

The Key is to do fun & unique activations to appeal to consumers and get them excited about Azuñia Who drinks the most Tequila? Try new things, be aggressive, and stay relevant to the brand.

Lets check out a couple of ideas I have... How Can Azuñia Continue to expand into untapped territories? People who like to party! **SWAT is a leader in the student travel industry providing specialized Winter, Spring Break, and high school senior Graduation trips.** Thousands of "cool/popular kids' go on these trips each year
It is the thing to be apart of for college breaks/trips
The people who go on these trips are heavy drinkers and always looking to party.. A perfect Azuñia Tequila Consumer
Appealing to this consumer base (~ 18-24) it allows Azuñia to instill product knowledge to those who will be partying and drinking heavily for years to come WHY SWAT? Reaching this demographic is Win Win for Azuñia
It allows Azuñia to grow brand image in cool/trendy college demographic
It supports a Lifestyle that would be beneficial for Azuñia to be associated with
Directly educates frequent and heavy alcohol consumers about a quality product
Fraternity & Sororities would be controversial for an Alcohol company to sponsor, but via SWAT it allows Azuñia to reach this demographic creatively How will it generate ROI? Continue to build a sponsored athlete team in all action sports demographics
Athlete support is a great way to get the brand attention and allows for Azuñia to be selective and creative with the team
Think about expanding the race team into Supercross/Motocross* Build a larger Sponsorship Program Electronic Music Display (EDM) has been one of the fastest growing phenomenons of the millennium

Artists such as Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, Diplo, Skrillex.. All are very popular with a huge following of many different age's and demographics.

Vending at something like Coachella would hold unparalleled opportunity Integrate Azuñia with this movement Seek out opportunities to get involved via Partnerships with companies putting on the festivals & tours.

Again DO NOT limit to one genre or style of music A successful brand today has to be up on their social media game Strong Social Media Presence Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram (pinterest does more referral traffic than twitter..and more organic traffic than yahoo)
Updates of events, people and the day to day things going on in the world of Azuñia
This allows to creatively build that public image and gain more followers Seek new opportunities to get involved with Fashion activations

Get involved with FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising)
Continue to affiliate with industry events to grow image and expand in the fashion demographic
Get involved with Billabong's Design for Humanity Event

Fashion Events Transparency It is key to allow anyone to peer into the world of Azuñia through social media outlets

Instagram is great for updates of people, events and daily activities Azuñia is doing

Pinterest is the best to do a "Production' style board with a series of pictures showing the progression from Agave Plant to glass.

Facebook/Twitter are great for networking and further communicating public image There are many ways of doing this creatively

As the brand grows, and bandwidth expands. Implementing a program similar to Red Bull's SBM program would really grow public image A strong presence on College Campuses is very important Presented by:
Andrew Straight Thank You
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