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Attitude & Attitude Change

No description

Yadira Bustamante

on 9 August 2018

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Transcript of Attitude & Attitude Change

Attitude & Attitude Change
Attitude Definition
valuation of people, objects, and ideas.
Would you hold a tarantula on your hand?
How would you react if you are close to a tarantula?
Would you go away? Would you play with it?

ersuasive Communication
Communication (e.g., as speech or TV ad) advocating a particular side of an issue.
Peripheral Route ( things peripheral to the message itself)
should say
in order to construct a persuasive communication.
Central Route (arguments)
How do attitudes change?
Attitudes change as a response to social behavior.
Are you feeling any emotions?
Subliminal Advertising
Words or pictures that are not consciously perceived but may influence peoples judgments, attitudes and behaviors
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