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Yellow-Footed Antechinus

No description

Alexandra The Great

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Yellow-Footed Antechinus

Yellow-Footed Antechinus Classification/ Name

The Yellow-Footed Antechinus is also commonly known as the Yellow-Footed Marsupial Mouse and the Mardo.
It's scientific name is Antechinus Flavipes.
Order: Dasyuromorphia
Family: Dasyuridae
Genus: Antechinus
Species: Antechinus flavipes
Class: Mammalia

Appearance Habitat The Antechinus is found in eucalypt woodlands and rainforests throughout Australia. Yellow-Footed Antechinus mates once a year and can take up to twelve hours to do so. The female gives birth about one month after mating, and reproduce once or twice in her life. She gives birth to 12 young and carries them in a pouch for 5 weeks. They are weaned off their mother after about 3 months.

The babies live in a leafy nest until they become territorial and annoyed with each other and sometimes the mother eats her young. Studies done have shown that the female Antechinus's eat her young because of gender discrimination rather than hunger. The first time they give birth the daughters get eaten, the second time the sons are eaten. Diet The Antechinus's main food is insects but it can eat birds and mice and sip nectar. Impact on the Rainforest The Yellow-Footed Antechinus has no impact on the rainforest. Life Cycle/Reproduction By Alexandra Girgis 5 Interesting Facts Bibliography Google Images Wikipedia Size The Yellow-Footed Antechinus's size:
Head and Body Length
93-165 (121) mm males
86-127 (105) mm females

Tail Length
70-151 (100) mm males
65-107 (86) mm females

26-79 (56) gr males
21-52 (34) gr females
http://rainforest-australia.com/Yellow-footed_Antechinus.htm The antechinus colours can range from dark- brown to grey with gingerish to white rings around its eye, and having an underbelly and rump coloured orangish brown to rusty.
It has a broad head with a pointed snout and its big toe doesn't have a claw. http://cms.jcu.edu.au/discovernature/mammals/JCUDEV_009633 The Yellow Footed Antchinus is sometimes found in peoples houses and backyards and has been known to make nests in peoples TV cabinets.
The mother antechinus sometimes eats her young, not because of hunger but rather a case of sexual discrimination. They Come in a range of colours. They come in a range of colours The males die after mating because they use all their energy doing so, and they lose all their fat and protein. The Antechinus is actually a mouse.

They are considered vulnerable on the endangered species list.
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