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History of Life

No description

Natalie Manoogian

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of History of Life

History of Life

Fossil- Ancient life
processes that influence survival or extinction
evolutionary characteristics of co evolving organisms
no information from person
The 12 periods that led to Evolution
relative dating vs. radometric dating
4 eons
Evolution of Man
geologic time scale
example of an environmental process that helped shape the Earth
two important patterns in macroevolution
contrast gradualism and punctuated equilibrium
hypotheses about Earth and the origin of life
endosymbiotic theory
no information from person
Refer back to the pros and cons
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Cambrian and Ordovician
Silurian and Devonian
Carboniferous and Permian Period
Triassic and Jurassic Period
Neogene and Quaternary Period
Types of Extinction
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