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What is data?

No description

Silvia Garcia

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of What is data?

Big data + data mining applications
Applied case: CrIP
Search engine
specialised on official EC and Member States web sources from the construction domain
Automatic classification
of documents
text analysis
Automatic clustering
of documents in relevant summarizing categories (not pre-defined)
User-friendly, intuitive visualization of results
Increased efficiency
for retrieval of most relevant documents.
What is big data?
Why does data matter?
Relational data / data bases
Text / websites / PDF
Social streams
Spatial / temporal data
(more valuable)

patterns or associations between data

(very valuable)

Knowledge / Semantics:
information which is structured as a representative model in our brain.

Examples: historical patterns, future trends, sentiment in a text, meaning of a text...
How do we extract knowledge?
Visualization and extraction of patterns in data
Categorization of data
Fraud detection
Semantic Search
Opinion mining
Construction Information Platform from DG ENTR
Demo: www.europa.eu/CrIP
Help to decision making
Example: Distribution of Grants accross Europe
The power of SEMANTICS
Past weather when playing tennis
How do we decide?
Used as Audit, Risk Management processes
Different sectors such as Finance, Telecom, Government etc.
Traditional methods of data analysis are complex and time consuming
Data Mining techniques are used to identify characteristics of fraud and patterns that govern them.
Example usages: Fiscal Control detection, Telecom Line Frauding, Document plagiarism, etc.
Automatic Summarization
Selection of the most important sentences in the document(s) and display them.

What other people think?
Sentiment Analysis by collecting data from Social media
Used for analysing opinion of citizens on policies, political parties, trademarks, products etc.

Health reform in US
Evidence-based decision making process for the elaboration of legislation
The amount of raw data stored in corporate data bases is exploding.
"Data rich and information poor"

Automatic Clustering
Automatic Classification
Data mining
data mining
artificial intelligence
data bases
machine learning
"Non-trivial process of identifying valid, novel and potentially useful and ultimately understandable patterns in data." (Fayyad et al. 1996)
Data mining
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