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English4callcenters .com

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Decisions

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
To talk about a difficult decision you had to take .

Discuss the importance of making decisions .

Discuss ways to take bettter decisions

Warm up!
Talk to your coach and classmates. Ask questions to find out about them.
Idiom Time! :D
Talk about this idiom with your teacher and classmates and answer the question.
Video time
Possible Job Interview questions
Talk about these questions with your classmates.
What would you do?
Read the situations and talk about the with you classmates. Explain your choices.
example : I cannot
make up my mind
, I like my coach but I like the other one too
Do you think you are more of a planner or a free spirit? Which would you like to be? why?
Example: I am more of a planner, but I would like to be more spontaneous because sometimes my life feels boring.
Role Play!!!
Making decisions
What is a decision?

Is it hard for you to make decisions?

Do you know about someone who is always hesitating when he/she has to take a decision?

Have you ever made a wrong decision?
Make up your mind
: to get to a decision.
To have a hard time
: to go through a difficult moment
Have you made up your mind of where you want to work? why?/ Have you ever had a hard time with something?
Watch the video , discuss it with your class and then narrate the video
Read the questions , pair up and talk about it
What has been one of the most difficult decisions you 've had to take in the past?

Are you studying at university? what career? why did you take that decision?

Is there something you regret about your life?
Example : I m
having a hard time
which shoes I should buy,
What does this mean to you?
"Never make a decision when you are upset, sad, jealous or in love"
Mario Teguh

Read the quote and discuss with your classmates
What would you do if you had a job offer to live in Canada with $5,000 a month and you cannot take your family with you?

What would you do if you had the decision to choose from being a well paid employee with stability or a business man?

What would you do if the devil offered you a deal , your soul in exchange of money and fame?

a. you cannot make up your mind , between working at sykes or convergys? ask for an advice to your friend.

b. You have a great job but you are going to quit because another company offered you more money , go and talk to your boss.

C. Your best friend is in a secret relationship with the girl/boyfriend of your other best friend. Go and tell your bff whats going on..
Choose a role and act it out in front of your class.
Pronunciation Practice
Watch session 3
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