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trade routes and products

No description

makayla mccovery

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of trade routes and products

Trade Routes And Products
What two uses of salt made it a valuable trade product
*To preserve food and for flavoring.
*Two other cities were Silimasa and Timbucktu.
How Ghana's location helped it become a wealthy trading center
*Ghana was on a goldmine and by a water source.
*One thing that made these places important were that salt and gold were traded. Another thing that made these important was that they were major cities for trading
Three products other than salt that moved from the north
*Three other products are gold , cattle , and metal.
Three other products other than gold that moved from Ghana to north
*Ivory ,salt ,and slaves.
Describe the silent trade
*Goods were exchanged without any direct talking between the traders.
The resources made Taghaza and Walata important?
One trade routes from Ghana to Tunis passed through Marrakech and two other cities. Name the two other cities.
How it would feel to travel from Ghana to Cairo
*If you were to travel to Ghana to cairo it is a 2,651 miles and i would get gold , silver , and metal. you would go through very hot conditions and sandstorms and very dangerous creatures like venomous snake and wild animals.
By: joni , kayla ,and makayla.
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