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My History: Chen to the Present

No description

Sarah Chen

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of My History: Chen to the Present

Immigration & Birth
Father's Life
My History: Sarah Chen
The Ancient Generation
14 Now, 14 Then
My Grandfather's Effects
Parents moved from China to Finland to Canada to have me

Parents moved because they weren't allowed to have more than one child in China
Traveled to Finland to improve their education
Parents grew up with a strict lifestyle

lived by the motto of : If you didn't excel in school, you were not going to succeed in life.

Sister grew up in Finland, learned Finnish as her first language
Both parents were quite poor
My grandfather was a sergeant
(dads side)
battled in the Korean Civil War
for China
battled for six months
at the front lines

My grandfather provoked a sense of responsibility in my father
Entered the war at the age of 20
My grandfather married my grandmother four years after he retired his military duties
Chen Sheng Cai
Was a part of the cavalry force
He told stories about him riding his horse into battle to his son, my father
He passed away at the age of 57, leaving my father with only his mother at 28 years old
Father when he was 30 years old - with my sister
Father's Favourite War Story
Believes that the man of each household should take responsibility
Although grandfather returned safe from the war, both men frown upon violence
Training was unbelievably difficult mentally and physically

The soldiers had to learn to shoot a gun with precise aim
My grandfather was said to have perfect aim - hits the target in the center each time by intuition
Also told stories to my dad about him leading his fellow soldiers into the war on horseback
living with a family of five
Mom: Shirley
Dad: Brian
Sister: Meri (Finnish Spelling)
Dog: Pudding
living in Markham
attending Markville SS
Name: Sarah Finca Chen
The Start
Just like history, I'll start from the beginning.
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