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Public Enemies by Bryan Borrough

No description

jairo espinoza

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Public Enemies by Bryan Borrough

Historical Background
Survey the text
Author's Purpose
inform the audience of the great crime wave in 1933-1934 in detail
to report the creation of the FBI and the actions of John Edgar Hoover
Main Idea 2
The government will eventually catch up to you
Most of the gang members were either killed in a gun battle or apprehended by the authorities
Hoover's thirst for power was a key factor in the FBI's development.
since bank robberies were not a federal crime, bank robbers were considered as organized crime.
He had complete authority to use any means to stop criminals
Crime may seem justifiable in times of poverty and distress
part of the story revolves around John Dillinger, a bank robber
he is praised for robbing banks who according to the people robbed them

Public Enemies by Bryan Burrough
Presented by Jairo Espinoza and Jake Sizemore

Why did we choose this book?
What can we infer based on the cover of the book?
How is the book divided?
What was our first impression?
America goes through the great depression
Police jurisdictions end at state lines
banks can't return money due to loaning money to anyone
the FBI at the time didn't have jurisdiction in bank robberies
Main Idea 1
"through a prism of pulp fiction and bad gangster movies, there is a tendency to view the events of 1933-34 as mythic..."(Burrough)
"It was true , as far as it went: many bank robbers were desperate, unemployed men"(Burrough)
Main Idea 2 continued
Bryan Burrough is an author of five books including this one.
Reporter for the Wall Street Journal in Dallas Texas
Written articles for the LA Times, NY Times and Washington Post

Burrough affirms that his book is completely fact due to his four year research on FBI files.

"this book was not "imagined"...It was reported"
"It has taken a shark-eyed multiple murderer and his deluded girlfriend and transformed them into sympathetic characters, imbuing them with a cuddly likability they do not posses and a cultural significance they do not deserve"(Burrough)
Bonnie and Clyde didn't have the same motivations as Dillinger
They were cold blooded killers
Their death was well deserved at the end of the chapter
Burrough is completely credible
He has a selected bibliography and a bibliographical essay explaining his research
He has spent four years creating this book using official FBI files
Our Opinion
Its a great book, with very interesting characters like Dillinger and Hoover. It also helps give a picture of the great crime wave of 1933-34 in detail. The best parts of all being the detailed bank robberies and FBI operations.
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