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You Are the Target_Example v0.3

No description

Faham Usman

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of You Are the Target_Example v0.3

Information Security
You Are the Target
Awareness Campaign
Salim is your Cyber Security Advisor.
Aims at promoting, building and ensuring a safer & secure cyber environment and culture in the UAE.
About aeCERT
One of the initiatives of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
aeCERT is the United Arab Emirates Computer Emergency Response Team.
About aeCERT
You are the Target
Identity Theft
Online Threats
How to Protect Yourself
Wireless Network Threats
Advance Persistent Threats
Social Engineering
Salim (aeCERT)
For more information
Extrusion Hit Rate
Through Email
Hacking Your Mind: Social Engineering
Value of Your Personal Identity
How to Protect Yourself?
How to Protect Yourself?
APT in the News
Etisalat & DU SMS Scam
Through the Web
Social Engineering
Identity Theft
Be careful! Attackers impersonate as a Facebook friend and then go through victims’ friend list to gather more information about him /her
How to Protect Yourself?
Piggybacking or Tailgating
Cyber Crime a Business
Your computer and information has tremendous value to cyber criminals.

You are the primary target:
at work, at home, and when you travel.

You Are The Target
You can take the following security countermeasures to minimize the
chances of becoming a victim:
How to Protect Yourself?
Advanced Persistent Threat
Very effective as you cannot see the person
you are talking to.
Cyber criminals have adapted technology in their social engineering attacks.
Adapting Internet
Real Incident: Call Scam
Exploiting Helpdesks
Identity Theft
A “
”, which is typically made up of victim machines infected with malware that allows an attacker to take control over the victim machines across the globe
It causes many problems,
Information Security
Identity Theft
Importance: Information is the most critical asset for any organization.

Definition: It is the knowledge and attitude that employees of an organization have, regarding the protection of information assets.
Security Awareness
Popular Public Wifi Spots
Online Shopping
Industry-wise APT Stats
Public Wifi Sniffing Attack
Online Threats
Etisalat & DU Phone Recharge Scam
Identify Theft
Real Incident – Wireless Attack
Etisalat & DU Call Scam
APT Attack: An Example
Dubizzle Scam in UAE
Wireless Network Threats
Through Phone Calls
Directly over Storage drives (Flash memory) from one computer to another
Hidden inside documents.
As downloads on malicious websites.
Clicking on untrusted links:
As attachments in emails.
are small, malicious computer programs that try to infect computers, spreading from one machine to the next. They spread in different ways:
APT Infection Vector Stats
Exploiting Helpdesks
Spyware unlike a virus, doesn’t try to replicate itself. Instead, it relies on people downloading it mistakenly.
It causes problems, including:
Public Wifi Sniffing Attack
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