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The Saturday Boy

No description

Laura Cody

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The Saturday Boy

The Saturday Boy is funny and poignant. -BCCB
Fleming's debut skillfully depicts how the stresses of loss and other forces beyond one's control to the bond of family and friends. -Publishers Weekly
Fleming has done a superb job of making the characters very believable. -LLC

Funny, sad, realistic, compelling, amazing
Realistic Fiction
A boy named Derek lives with his mother. His aunt comes over often, because his mother is getting very ill. Derek's father is stationed in Afghanistan. Derek and his father write to each other often. His father has been gone for eight months. Derek loves comic books. Derek doesn't think he knows who his true friends are anymore because Pudgie has become really snobby, he says his only true friend is Violet.
The Saturday Boy
By David Fleming

Aunt Josie
Ms. D
Mr. Putnam
By Madalyn
I recommend this book for anyone above 5th grade
Pudgie has also become Derek's bully. Derek has been really caught up in comic books lately, and he is not concentrating on school. Derek is an only child, he gets very lonely sometimes. He reads comic books in his room.
Derek and his mother spend a lot of time together. His aunt cooks him dinner, since his mom is very ill. Derek's father has not been writing him back lately. Derek gets very curious. Whenever he asks his mother what happens, she just gets teary-eyed. Derek dreads going to school in the morning, because of Pudgie. Pudgie has a new group of friends now. Derek was sad. Derek's mom calls him piggy. He is also shy.
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