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ToyBox Leadership - Play-Doh

ToyBox Leadership Presentation on Chapter 3: Play-Doh MENTORING. The Mold Makes the Man.

Julia Saxton

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of ToyBox Leadership - Play-Doh

"Succeeding comes from intentionally choosing who & what shapes you." CREATIVITY IN A CAN Invented in 1954 by teacher Kay Zufalll
Educationally Motivated
Originally named "Kutol's Rainbow Modeling Compound"
Delightful & Delicious

PLAY-DOH PRINCIPLES People are shaped because they are open
People are shaped based on their character Right Ingredients PLAY-DOH IS BEST
WHEN FRESH Group 1: Stuart, Julia, Leroy, Debi & Kenzie ToyBox Leadership Mentoring: The Mold Makes the Man More than a billion pounds sold
95 million cans produced each year
21 colors, 75 countries PLAY-DOH PEOPLE molded in positive ways
value of a mentor
position yourself to be shaped & molded page 41 THE 3 INGREDIENTS TO BE MENTORED
Desire Play-Doh is durable because of its ingredients pages 43-45 MENTORED & SHAPED BY MOLDS Choosing a Mold THE 3 TYPES OF MENTORING MOLDS
Listening pages 45-50 "The mold you choose determines your final product" PLAY-DOH PROBLEMS 1. You can't unmix it
2. If it's not kept fresh, it will harden
3. If it hardens, it will crack If it's not fresh, it's not fun Keep yourself fresh Stay in the right hands & the right environment Frequent Use - don't ever stop being shaped page 50 pages 50-54 "A successful leader know the shaping process never stops" page 53
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