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History of SNC Development [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 2 January 2017

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Transcript of History of SNC Development [Shared]

KE2 Therm Solutions
KE2SmartAccess Technology
Secure Client Network Development History
SmartAccess - Embedded
We wanted KE2 Therm controllers to be remotely accessible from day one – live, real time access for monitoring and control – not batch processed data for review in cloud servers
Initial solution was Embedded web-services with Ethernet connection native to our controllers
Quickly learned installing refrigeration technicians were not capable and/or did not have time to connect devices to the Internet
IT personnel from the end users generally rejected requests to add refrigeration controllers to their network
They do not have time to manage the processes for establishing VPN or Port forward access to the multitude of devices that will make up the IoT.
To unlock the value of our controllers we had to deliver a solution that provided plug & play installation that also met the security requirements of network managers
3 years and 2 patents later we delivered the Secure Client Network (SCN)
Low cost, easy deployment
Secure transfer of data at the transport layer
Privacy and Control – no longer need to pay third party fees or expose data to third party hosts
Connecting multiple users with a multitude of client devices, including embedded controls
No special software to be added on any client or server devices
Ability for plug ’n play additions of existing technologies
Natively supports Two-factor authentication
Compatible with all major operating systems: Win32, Linux, Unix, Android, iOS, MAC
Successfully deployed in HVAC&R Industry – much broader applications available in other markets
SmartAccess for Networks
Secure Client Network Technology
SmartAccess provides Dynamic naming & Authentication
SmartAccess vs. NAT
SmartAccess vs. Traditional VPN
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