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Attitudes based on High Consumer Effort

Chapter 6

anne hamby

on 5 June 2010

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Transcript of Attitudes based on High Consumer Effort

Attitudes based on High Consumer Effort What are attitudes? Importance of attitudes Characteristics of attitudes Cognitive Affective Connative Favorability

Forming and Changing Attitudes Elaboration Likelihood Model Let's calculate your attitude towards: Attitude=Sum (Belief x Evaluation) Cognitive Foundations of Attitudes Theory of Reasoned Action When do attitudes Predict Behavior? Level of Involvement Knowledge and Experience Accessibility of Attitude Attitude Confidence
Specificity of Attitude Situational Factors Normative Factors Personality Variables overall evaluations that express how much we like or dislike an object or an action. Variety of Consumer Attitudes Attribute Ivy State U Local U
Ei Bi Bi Bi
High Price -2 9 -18 2 -4 5 -10
Good Job 3 8 24 6 18 3 9
Easy entry -1 1 -3 4 -4 8 -1
Learn a lot 2 9 18 7 14 4 8
21 24 -1
Model: which college will be chosen by Student Y?
Functions of attitudes Utilitarian
Knowledge Cognitive Dissonance Analysis of Reason
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