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Microbiology Presentation on Streptococcus

Liliana Castillo

on 7 May 2011

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Transcript of Streptococcus

STREPTOCOCCUS Bacteria Phylum: Firmicutes Class: Bacilli Order: Lactobacillales Family:Streptococcaceae Morphology GRAM POSITIVE COCCI Non-Motile Facultative Anaerobe Fermentative Metabolism Catalase Negative Oxidase Negative Diseases Treatments Transmission Mozart What
does it
look like? **RHEUMATIC FEVER is an inflammatory disease affecting primarily the heart and joints. It is occurs after a Group A Streptococcus infection caused by an antibody cross-reactivity.**

ACUTE GLOMERULONEPHRITIS is an immune complex disease of the kidney.

STREP THROAT is a contagious throat infection associated with swollen lymph nodes, white patches on tonsils, and fever.

SCARLET FEVER is characterized by a rash caused by erythrogenic toxins.

INVASIVE BACTERIMIA is a toxic shock-like syndrome characterized by rash, fever, and edema.

PANDAS is a neurological disorder associated with OCD and Tourette's resulting from complications of strep throat Some persons may harbor group A Streptococcus in their noses or on their skin without exhibiting any symptoms.

These bacteria are usually transmitted from person to person by direct contact from contaminated mucus,water droplets, bacteria entering cuts and sores, and rarely by contact with articles handled by an infected person.

An infected person also can contaminate some kinds of food, causing illness in those who ingest it. Antibiotics, Antibiotics,Antibiotics!
Prevention:The spread of all types of group A Streptococcus infections may be reduced by good handwashing, especially after coughing and sneezing, before preparing foods and before eating. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791
This great German composer of the Classical Era who wrote over 600 works in his lifetime is suspected to have died of a streptococcus pyogenes infection manifested as Rheumatic Fever Streptococcus pyogenes
(Group A Streptococcus) Genome:
1,852,442 base pairs GRAM
COCCI CHAINS Streptococcus pyogenes EM Grown
Enriched Media *5th Century BC
*Discovery credited to
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