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Northern Goshawk

No description

mason detillieux

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk Status Visual Description Food Range Habitat Nesting Uncommon in Prairie ecozone. Uncommon in Boreal Forest ecozone. The nest is made of sticks.
2-5 eggs per nest.
Eggs are bluish- white. The eggs hatch at about 35 days. forests Prefers deciduous trees. mountains North America Asia Europe Northern timberline to sub tropics. Small mammals medium-sized birds grasshoppers beetle and moth larvae Size Wingspan is 1-1.2m The males are 53-58cm long. Females are 58-64 cm long. blue-gray back rounded wings long, banded tails ring under tail Pictures Bibliography Smith, Allen. Saskatchewan Birds. Edmonton, Canada:Lone Pine Publishing, 2001. Bateman, Robert. Birds of Prey. Toronto/Canada:Sholastic Canada Ltd., 2007 By;Mason Detillieux The End Really... Its over Just Kidding No, Seriously That all Folks Goodbye! I'm done now
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