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Tour Of Parliament House

No description

Manu Arora

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Tour Of Parliament House

Welcome to the tour of Parliament House! This is the new Parliament House designed by Romaldo Giurgola.
Construction of a new Parliament House began in late 1980 and the building was officially opened on 9 May 1988. This place was worth 1.1 billion dollars. this place is supposed to last 200 years. QUIZ! This is the old Parliament House, built in 1927, and designed by John Smith Murdoch, the first Commonwealth Government architect. Though this place is not used anymore, it is still a popular tourist attraction. This place was only supposed to last 55 years. This is the marble stairs in new Parliament House, designed by
Senate Hansard, in 26 of May,1993. This is our Prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard This is our premier of New South Whales,
Barry O'Farrell! This is the design of the House Of Representatives. We are now going to enter the House Of Representatives chamber. Facts about House Of House Reps:
The House Of Representatives are also known as house Of Reps.

The House Of Reps is usually in the colour green.

The House of Reps is also known as the lower house.

This is the second stage when a bill is introduced.

There are 150 House Of Representatives in Australia. WE ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE SENATE CHAMBER... Here's the plan of the SENATE... HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE PRESENTATION! ... small Facts about the Senate. The Senate is also known as the upper house.
The Senate colour is red
This is the third stage when a bill is introduced .
There are 76 Senators in Australia, 12 in each state and 2 in each terriotory. This is QUEENSLAND'S
premier, Campbell Newman This is Ted Baillieu, premier of
Victoria. This is the premier of
Western Australia, Colin
Barnett This is Tasmania's premier, Lara Giddings By Manu and Athur 6B THIS IS THE
TERRITORY Terry Mills The premier of Australian capital Territory is Katy Gallagher
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