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Volunteer Recruitment

No description

Kassi Oliver

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Volunteer Recruitment

1. Intros --who's on the call
2. Offline and Online
3. Creating Position Listings
4. Best Pratices in navigating recruitment
5. Questions
6. One thing you are going to try out now? Overview for today's call: Please share with us in 30 seconds or less:
-Your name (or your pirate name!)
-Your city
-Where you work and your position title
-Your role with volunteers Introductions Basics:
2 types of recruitment Best Practices for Volunteer Position Listings
1. Create an interesting and engaging position title. Use the position titles provided by HI-USA or use a
title more specific to your hostel or region.
2. Use the position description in recruitment and edit it as needed to include information specific to your
3. Be specific about time requirements and location. If flexible, then list that.
4. Make sure to respond to any volunteer inquiries within 1-2 business days.
5. When it comes to titles, some people might be looking for more of an internship experience or
experience to develop professionally when volunteering. This type of volunteer may be attracted to more
of a professional title such as Event Planner or Event Coordinator, as opposed to a Movie Night Host or
Community Meal Dinner Assistant. To cover all the bases, go ahead and post multiple positions on
VolunteerMatch and other online sites that will attract various types of volunteers Writing position listings.... Navigating the Basics of Volunteer Recruitment Volunteer Engagement Training SECRET TO RECRUITMENT TREASURE: BOTH ARE IMPORTANT!! jump on board...... ONLINE OFFLINE TIP: Volunteer fairs sometimes cost $$

Universities and Colleges generally do not charge--do some research

Collect information so you can follow up---got an Ipad? Word of mouth is a great recruitment tool only if it is positive! How can you increase positive word of mouth marketing? GET LOCAL!! Get Creative!
Try out different
listings. Best Practices for Volunteer Position Listings

1. Create an interesting and engaging position title.

2. Use the position description and edit as needed.

3. Be specific about time requirements and location. If flexible, then list that.

4. Some people might be looking for more of a professional experience.

5. Pay attention to your intended audience. No Pirate Booty for you!

Not responding quickly (1-3 business days, preferrably 1-2) will realy hurt your ability to recruit volunteers

Make sure to follow up post events
too! Steps After an Inquiry: respond & include a volunteer application applicant sends you email with completed application and/or questions time to write back, answer questions and/or invite volunteer for an interview/screening Application is complete, interview went well....volunteer is ready to begin training and get started! YAY! What is the point of all this work?? I have great public speaking
skills and love travel! Leading tours? Sign me up!! Let's be on the same ship! After this training you should able to: know how to recruit off line and online know how to access resources have some tips
for writing volunteer listings Volunteer STOP & REFLECT on the high seas.... What off line recruitment do I currently use?

What new off line technique do I want to try?

Do I need to try something new with off line recruitment? have at least 1 new idea to take back to work & try out basics of the volunteer recruitment flow STOP & REFLECT on the high seas.... 1. Do I know all of these online recruitment sites? Have I tried at least 3 of them?

2. Is there one new site that I want to try when I get back to work?

3. Have I researched if there are local volunteer recruitment sites? Generation Overview: Boomers 1946-64: skill based position listings, positions of leadership

Gen X 1965-79/80: flexible scheduling, independent opportunities, focus on helping the individual, make it local not global, include benefits of volutneering, what they will learn (largest volunteer base)

Gen Y 1980-: offer team positions, online opportunities/virtual volunteering, want to connect to mission, make it global, not just local, social media (don't like old fashioned recruitment techniques) Conversation time: Do you think about which generation you are appealing to when you post a position? Does it matter? Why do people volunteer? Word of Mouth Marketing for your volunteer program

1) Educate co-workers & ask your supervisor for help with this

2) Provide opportunities for volunteers to share their experiences

3) Build the relationship & provide opportunities for relationship building with others

4) Increase volunteer base—the more volunteers the more mouths!

5) Join professional networks in your community

6) Most Important: Provide a Good Product

7) Write reviews on VolunteerMatch

8) Encourage volunteers to invite friends or family to volunteer too

9) Excude positivity! What about walk-in volunteer applicant's and people who call interested in volunteering?
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