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What is a POW Camp?

No description

Samantha Cannon

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of What is a POW Camp?

American P.O.W.'s
(Prisoners Of War)
Presented by Avi, Samantha, Gabe, Brayden, Ethan, Alaina,
and Davis

All prisoners had a diet of 600 calories a day. The American prisoners ate only a small ball of rice and drank a glass of dirty water each meal. The rice sometimes had maggots, rat droppings, rocks, grubs, and earthworms. The food was so disgusting the
prisoners could not bear to eat the food, and died from starvation.
Some prisoners were given tobacco, and they became so addicted to it that they
traded their food for tobacco, and they also died from starvation.

The prisoners were treated very badly. They were used as tests for weapons. One out of three prisoners died from either disease, starvation, work, or punishments. Prisoners would be shot if they tried to escape. That's why attempts to escape were very rare. Sometimes if multiple prisoners were not doing work, at least 15,000 prisoners would have to stand shoulder to shoulder in an area made for only 1,000 people.
Prisoners of War
POW's, also known as prisoners of war. prisoners were put in camps and tortured, these camps were located in Japan. They were fed, but very poorly. The prisoners were beaten to death or starved to death. Very little survived or escaped. The prisoners were shown no mercy. One of the things the Japanese hated most
were prisoners with red hair.
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1. What was one of the things the Japanese hated the most on prisoners?

This presentation and all presentations made by Awesomesauce
what food did they eat?
1. Red Hair
What food did the American prisoners eat?
What kind of prisoners did the Japanese hate most?
Name one thing wrong with the food:
One out of how many prisoners died from what?
POW stands for what?
Where were the POW camps located?
How many people were forced to stand in a place made for 1,000 people?
What happened to the prisoners who tried to escape?

Thanks for Watching!
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