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The Boy who dared

No description

Sophia Meyers

on 20 July 2014

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Transcript of The Boy who dared

the boy
who dared

Presentation by Victoria, Devyn, Matt, Nate, Sophie and Dannie
Helmuth ~

Gerhard ~
He is a teen boy living in Hamburg, Germany. In the book, Helmuth thinks back to when he was younger when Hitler was rising to power. In his past, he could not decide if he should do what he knows is wrong, or risk being sentenced to death for doing what's right.
He is Helmuth's older half-brother. Gerhard is known as a know-it-all who annoys Helmuth with his intelligence. Helmuth soon realizes that his arrogance won't get him far with Gerhard's help.
"The most mind racing, heartfelt, historical fiction piece of the year!"
-Times Magazine

"If you love a good tear jerking, crazy, adventurous book, this is our top reccamendation by far."

"A book that shows the pain of a prisoner and a regular German, it
Connection to the Story
Theme / Meaning
Characters Cont.
Hans ~

Mutti ~
He is Helmuth's oldest half brother. Hans isn't mentioned very much in the book. Further into the book, he works at a ship building business, there, he builds submarines for the Nazi's as his time as a soldier.
She is the three boy's mother. Mutti works the night shift at a nursing home. She divorced Gerhard's and Hans's father but never married Helmuth's father. Halfway through the book, Mutti found a boyfriend, Hugo, who she will later marry. She is often tired and quiet.
More Characters
Oma ~

Oma is Mutti's mother. She lives next door to Helmuth's family's original home. She is a kind elderly woman who is always remembered for her delicious foods while he is in prison.
Opa ~
He is Mutti's father. He is not a fan of Hitler at all! But he later has to face the fact that his daughter has found love with a Hitler follower and that she will be finding a new flat with him.
One Last Character
Hugo ~
He is Mutti's new husband. Hugo is a Nazi Rottenfuhrer. Hugo, Helmuth, Gerhard and Hans face many problems while trying to face the fact that Hugo will be their new father and that he is a Nazi. Hugo forces the family to practice Hitler's beliefs and for Helmuth to join the Youth Nazis.
Antagonist and Protagonist
Antagonist ~

Protagonist ~
Nazis are the antagonist because they try to get Germans to follow in Hitler's steps and abuse the Jews.

Helmuth is the protagonist becuase he is doing the right thing and not going with everything that Hitler and the Nazis say.
A young man named Helmuth Hübener
is a teenager that lived in the time of
WWII in Germany. Helmuth tries to
stand up to one of the strongest empires
ever. He does this not by fighting with
his hands, but with his brain. Hübener
isn't even Jewish but stands up to the Nazis because he knows that they do evil deeds. He is a strong and independent man that works for the rights people deserve. Helmuth is surounded by the Nazis, ever where he goes there is always a Nazi. He despises the lies and cruelness that come from Hitler and his followers. Feeling much hatred for the Nazis he stands up and gives strong blows against the German Empire, but all things must come to an end whether it be righteous or foul.
The setting was in Hamburg, Germany during World War II.
The Story took place in 1928-1942.

The theme is to stand up for what you believe in no matter your reiligion or race. To go against the government when they're wrong.
Text-to-Text : While the plot line is diffent, this book has some similarities with the book, "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas." In both stories the antagonist happens to not be Jewish ,and both learn what the Nazis are capable of the hard way.
Text-to-Media :
connection to the story
Text-to-World : Meridian Magazine wrote, "Missionary Moment: The Helmuth
Huebener Story--Three LDS Teenagers who Defied Hitler." It was an article
written about Helmuth and his friends, wrote Monday, October 15, 2012.
Text-to-Self : In the present, youth such as us have not in the same
situation as Helmuth. However, we may stumble upon a similar
situation. For example, something bad happens and you are involved.
You tell a teacher or parent what happened despite knowing you will get in trouble. Almost like Helmuth spread the truth in the story.
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