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A Map of Santiago's Journey

Contemporary Lit

Ally Amadon

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of A Map of Santiago's Journey

The Two Stones: The king inspires the boy to keep his dream of the treasure in mind and to search for it. He leads him to a man called Melchizedek.

He gives him two stones, Urim and Thummim, to help recognize the good omens from the bad.

Melchizedek tells him a story of a man who was asked to carry oil while enjoying something, and struggled to do both at the same time.
The boy took from Melchizedek that one should enjoy life but never forget his responsibilities. Ally Amadon
Contemporary Lit
21 March 2013 A Map: Santiago's Journey
to his treasure The sheep taught the boy
a lot about the world... Next stop: Tarifa, Spain MEETS:
The Fortune Teller (gypsy)...

The boy doubts the legitimacy of the gypsy, fearing whatever she tells him about a mysterious dream of a treasure near the pyramids in Egypt will be false.
She tells him she will not charge him if she gets a share of his future treasure. The boy laughs in disbelief and learns he should be careful with who he trusts.

The Old King...
This old man jumps into giving the boy
worldly advice: Always follow your dreams,
always strive to find your personal legend- the
path in which one finds their own true personal happiness. The journey begins in Spain... Andalusia, in an
abandoned church... With a boy and
his sheep. He learned everything about them. Their habits, their needs, their wants, their ways. They taught the boy important things about life, like how to care for something, how to devote your life to something.

It was with the sheep that the boy
first slept by the sycamore tree... Now off to Tangier, Africa After the boy's money was stolen by a thief, he learned again, to watch out who you trust. Needing money, he worked for 1 year for a crystal merchant.

From the merchant he learned that people do not always go for their dreams in the same way. Some like to stay back and continue dreaming.

Wanting to give up, the boy remembered the Old King and decided to keep following his personal legend and continue looking for the treasure. The Oasis- Along with an Englishman (whose desire was to become an alchemist & to search for the philosophers stone), the boy rides on a caravan across the desert to the oasis. Here the boy meets the alchemist who helps him understand the "universal language", something I interpreted to be the language that everyone follows, the goal that everyone strives for: success. Succeeding in fulfilling your personal dreams. Everyone is striving for that one thing and everyone understands that same goal, no matter what your dreams are. While at the Oasis in

He also meets the love of his life, Fatima. She's a beautiful young woman of the desert who understands Santiago's dream of following his personal legend. She encourages him to follow his dream, and reassures him that she will be there when he gets back.

The boy and the alchemist continue their search for the treasure. Before long they are captured outside of the Oasis... To escape the kidnappers, the alchemist promises them that the boy will turn into the wind. Shocked at what he must do, the boy tries everything he can to communicate with his surroundings: the earth and its deepest depths. To the kidnappers surprise, the boy does it. He turns into the wind. He conquers all there is to know about the world, one of the last steps in following his personal legend.
Now all that's left is the journey to the treasure... A journey Santiago takes alone.. Al-Fayoum, Egypt... Finishing up his journey to the pyramids, the boy runs into more omens, a common theme throughout his trip. This time it's the scarab beetle, which means good luck. Santiago runs into a man who tells him about a reoccuring dream he has about a treasure in spain... Then it hits Santiago...

His treasure is back at the abandoned church,
underneath the sycamore tree with his beloved sheep...

where he originally came from. The boy's treasure was right underneath his nose, the life he left to pursue what he thought was bigger and better. Now he will no longer wonder what could have been. Santiago fulfilled his personal legend and learned the secrets of life along the way.
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