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The Life of Juliet Nicole Simms.

No description

Mikki Carpenter

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The Life of Juliet Nicole Simms.

The Life of Juliet Nicole Simms.
Prezi by Mikki Carpenter.
Juliet Nicole Simms was born February 26th, 1986; making her 27
The Start Of Automatic Loveletter
Automatic Loveletter was formed in 2005 with Juliet on guitar and lead vocals, her brother Tommy Simms as the bass player,guitarist, and producer, Daniel Currier as their drummer, and Sean Noll as another bass player.
First recording place for Automatic Loveletter was in Tommy's home studio in Tampa bay. The band was originally called "Stars and Scars".
Juliet was born in San Francisco, California.
When she was around 9 years old, her family moved to Safety Harbor, Florida.
Juliet has 2 siblings, Angie and Tommy Simms.
Juliet learned to play guitar at the age of 14
along with writing music
Fun fact #1

The Beginning
Juliet moved back to Los Angeles solo at 15 to start her career
She signed with UMBRELLA Records, and independant label in West Hollywood, on Sunset Blvd. The rest of the band joined her soon after
Funfact #3
UMBRELLA Records went out of business its first year.
Funfact #4
The band continued to write and play music until they were signed with Epic Records
Umbrella Records.
the band was signed in 2009
first four songs were produced by the Grammy-nominated members of the alternative metal band, Spineshank
Their songs "The View From Below", "Changing Skies", "Old Movie", and "I Notice", were apparently not suitable for the Spineshank production team. They were never released.
She then requested a different producer from the label, receiving Richie Zito; a producer for Elton John,The Motels, and Heart.
Umbrella Records Cont.
The Band and Richie recorded several songs, which gained popularity through My Space
Fun Fact #2
The first song was recorded in December, 2005. It was named after the band "Stars and Scars". It was never released.
It was written by Juliet.
Following the formation of Automatic Loveletter, Juliet Simms was signed to Epic Records by Allison Hagendorf.
Juliet recorded a couple of acoustic songs for a Demo. the songs were written durning the 3 years she was with her brother tommy, and were going for an upcoming album on the EPIC Label
Automatic Loveletter released its Debut Album in 2007, with producer Matt Squire. Unfortunately, the album was never fully released, so it ended up being an EP album. Songs like "Parker"," Makeup Smeared Eyes", "Shut Your Mouth", "August", and "Hush" were released.
Automatic Loveletter was dropped when Amanda Ghost took office as president of the label. Ironically, the news was announced while Automatic Loveletter was on its first headlining tour with many sold out venues. Epic fired all the members but Daniel Currier, which they hired new members to tour with him like Jacob Fatoroochi, James Bowen and Wayne Miller.
Halfway through the tour, EPIC called juliet and the band and told them all the funds from the tour were being withdrawn, and that the band was completely dropped. Despite the devastating setback in the bands career, the new guys finished the one and only tour they'd ever play, and A.L.L went on to sell out venues like the "Knitting Factory" located in Los Angeles & San Francisco; and "The House Of Blues".
Almost immediately after the Epic Record label announcement that the band was dropped, Automatic Loveletter was picked up by RCA, and Juliet was asked to write for a new album that would be produced by Josh Abraham. RCA was also in partnership with SONY.
The band released its album "Truth Or Dare" June 22, 2010
Juliets response to the Band getting dropped was "It was very liberating. After crying my eyes out for a couple hours I had some of my best shows ever on that tour."
The songs on "Truth Or Dare" were:
Heart Song
Dont Let Me Down
Fade away
Hush (new Version)
Story Of My Life
The Day That Saved Us
To Die For
Let It Ride
Eyes On You
My Goodbye
Back To Life

The band re-released their Ep "Recover" from 2007 in early 2010
The line up for "Recover" is:
The Answer
Shut Your Mouth
Hush (new version)
August 28th 3:30 A.m
Make-up Smeared Eyes
In June 2010, Automatic Loveletter joined their first Vans Warped Tour, They traveled in a van because of little funding.
Vans Warped tour is a tough tour for artists. Huge Mosh pits, extreme heat as high as 122 degrees, Over 40 locations in a month and a half. Its wicked. Over 60 bands are signed on. Vans Warped tour travels to almost every state in the USA, playing 3 times in California. It also spends a week or two in Europe and travels to one location in Canada. Bands play 30 minutes for their fans, Have meet & Greets along with Signings.
On June 28th, 2011, Automatic Loveletter released their album "The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On". It was released on an Independent label called "Paper and Plastik". It was released a few weeks in to their second Vans Warped Tour. Vans Warped Tour 2011, Also the place where she and her current boyfriend, Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides, got together.
Juliet was a contestant on the 2012 television show "THE VOICE", covering "Oh! Darling" for her blind auditions.Adam Lavigne, CeeLo Green, and Christina Aguilera Turned. She chose to be a member of Team Cee Lo Green.
Juliet advanced on after defeating Sarah Golden in a duet of "Stay With Me" by "Faces" . In her first Live show, she performed "Roxanne" by "The Police" which pleased judges and coaches greatly.
In the Quarter Finals, Juliet performed "Cryin" by Aerosmith
Andy and Juliet truly hated each other, mostly because both of them didnt know each others morals of beliefs. They started dating on warped tour, and are currently still together.
In her Last Chance Performance, she performed "Torn" by Ednaswap, which saved her from Elimination.
In the Semi finals, Juliet performed "Its A Mans, Mans, Mans World" by James Brown
In the first round of the Finals, Juliet sang "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.
In the second round of the Finals, Juliet performed "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf with her coach Ceelo Green.
In the third round of the Finals, Juliet Performed "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, taking Runner Up In the end
Through her journey on The Voice, her boyfriend Andy traveled to every show even when money was a little tight.
After Juliets time on The Voice, she never had a dull moment. She was always busy with interviews, photoshoots, and of course starting the filming for the "Wild Child" Music Video.
Towards the end of Juliets time on The Voice, she performed one of her new hits "Wild Child" which made Judges, Coaches, and fans very happy.
Juliet released a small jewelery linne called Never Take It Off, after the song on her album "The Kids will take their monsters on". She has special bracelets for organizations like the "Big Cat Rescue" and "Komen for the cure" which all the procieds of the bracelets for the organizations go to.
The Song line up for "The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On" is:
1. "Never Take It Off"
2. "Save Me"
3. "Black Ink Revenge"
4. "Click Your Heels (3 Times and Repeat, There's No Place Like Home)" (feat. Shane Henderson of Valencia)
5. "Carry the Fire"
6. "Trade Places"
7. "Cruel Cruel"
8. "Pillows"
9. "The Curtain Close"

April 23rd, 2013, Juliets Wild Child music video dropped, featuring her, her sister Angie Simms, and her friend/her boyfriends ex girlfriend Scout Taylor Compton.
Juliet went on tour with Secondhand Serenade March 16, 2013 starting in Amityville, New York, and wrapped up April 9th, 2013 at Roxy's in West Hollywood, California.
Juliet attended the Vans Warped tour kick off party March 28th, 2013 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California, which featured bands like Gin Wigmore and Echosmith that were going to be joining Vans Warped. Juliets was also one of the people who performed.
June 15th, 2013, Juliet and all of the bands on VWT 2013 headed off to start the tour, her boyfriend Andys band Headlining the tour alongside Sleeping with Sirens, Memphis Mayfire, The Summer Set, and many more. Juliet and her guitarist stayed on Black Veil Brides bus for Warped tour. It ended August 4th 2013 for the States, but it still going until December 8th, 2013 for the rest of the world.
for Warped 2013, Juliet performed on the Insidious Kevin Says Stage, and at the Acoustic Basement stage
Shortly before leaving for warped tour 2013, Juliet cut her hair into a short mohawk type style for the summer.
At the moment, Juliet is working on her new album, but no details about it have been released.
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