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In 2014 year, American financial magazine"Fortune"published"

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hu rong peng

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of In 2014 year, American financial magazine"Fortune"published"

In 2014 year, American financial magazine"Fortune"published"the most great leader of the world." Ma yun ranked 16 because of his 286 million net worth.
he graduated from HangZhou college with difficulty in 1988, and his major was English.
In 1995, he had established his first China website which provided the homepage service for the company.
Based on his experience of telecommunication, he combined this technology with commerce, and the structure of business was named B2B. From the consumer perspective, Alibaba was a famous trade way of internet.
After he came into the society, he had heard that the internet was a new opportunity of business, so he decided to go to America to learn more with his friend.
Stephen Hawking is a Mathematics and theoretical physics expert of Cambridge University, and he is one of the most outstanding physicist after Newton and Einstein.
He write a brief history of time this famous book.
Large part of his article was based on his period time of studying at university. After graduation, he spent his whole life time on researching the quantum cosmology.
To compare these two persons.
Ma Yun’s achievements have reflected a truth that not all successes are based on academic success
the achievements from Stephen Hawking have proved that academic success will let us have a new breakthrough
According to these two aspects, achievements are decided by personal opinion.
Different fields have different ways to come true.
Ultimately, no matter what industry we study, the most important thing is persistence, your pay may not rewarded immediately, but it will be able to accumulate experience so that you can improve your ability of studying.
Studying is like a step which never stop, as long as we keep a correct point with a correct direction. Achievements will always appear in front of you.
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