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Harry Potter

No description

Veera Hentinen

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was released in 1998.
Evaluation I
First time when we read the book we all thought the plot was very crafty and written very well.
and the Chamber of secrets
It's the second novel in the Harry Potter series, written by J. K. Rowling.
The fantasy book series is about a wizard boy named Harry Potter and his fight against Lord Voldemort, the most feared wizard in the world, who wants to rule the wizard world.
When Harry starts his second year at Hogwarts, strange things start to happen. Students are found petrified and Harry hears threatening voices that no one else hears. He starts to investigate the attacks with his friends.
Harry Potter
Harry is a 12-year-old boy who lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin in Little Whinging, England.
He is described with bright green eyes, a black messy hair and a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.
Harry is very famous in the wizard world because he survived when the most feared wizard, Lord Voldemort, tried to kill him when he was just a baby.
Still, Harry is average at school and he has to study hard just like all the other students in Hogwarts.
Harry finds it important to be loyal to his friends and fight against the dark side of the world.
Ron is Harry Potter's best friend.
He comes from a pure blood wizard family but his family is very poor.
Ron has five brothers; Fred, George, Percy, Bill and Charlie, and a sister; Ginny.
He is known for his wild red hair.
Ron is sometimes quite lazy and scrappy but he is always ready to help Harry and fight against Lord Voldemort.
Hermione Granger
Hermione is a smart and intelligent girl and she is also a good friend of Harry's.
We think it would be easy to identify with Ron Weasley because he is just a normal student at school and doesn't shine in every subject.
Hermione's parents aren't wizards but she is still very talented with magic.
We think all the characters were believable and their actions were easy to follow.
She has thick, brown hair and her eyes are chestnut-coloured.
Hermione loves reading and she is the brightest student in Harry's class.
Our favourite part of the book was the final battle between Harry and the Basilisk.
Sometimes Hermione annoys everyone with all the information she has but just like Ron, Hermione is ready to do whatever it takes to help Harry.
Other characters
Albus Dumbledore - the headmaster of Hogwarts, one of the most powerful wizards in the world
Severus Snape - he teaches potions at Hogwarts and finds Harry extremely annoying student
Draco Malfoy - Harry's enemy at school, always ready to tease and humiliate Harry
Rubeus Hagrid - he is Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, a loyal friend of Harry's
Neville Longbottom - Harry's classmate who is fortgetful and has a very bad luck, he also owns a frog called Trevor
Evaluation II
The book was written for those who like adventure and fantasy.
Purpose of the book was to give the reader an exiting reading experience.
We would recommend the book to every over ten-year-old girl and boy, because the plot and some details may be difficult to internalize.
The language was clear and easy to understand which made the book easy to follow.
We wouldn't have done anything differently because the book is good just the way it is.
We think that the purpose of the book was to continue Harry's life in Hogwarts and tell more about the world of wizards and witches.
They find out that one of Hogwarts' founders, Salazar Slytherin, secretly built the Chamber of Secrets, which is rumoured to contain a monster that only Slytherin's heir can directly control.
Finally they find the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Inside the Chamber Harry sees a Basilisk, the monster of the Chamber, and a manifestation of Tom Riddle, who will later be known as Lord Voldemort. He manages to defeat them both and escape from the Chamber.
Ron Weasley
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