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The Story of my Literate life...

No description

Maya S

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of The Story of my Literate life...

The story of my Literate life...
By: Maya S; per. 2 ELA

The Story of my Literate life...
How Multigenre texts shaped who I am today...
The Upside Down Show!
The Upside Down Show was one of which encouraged imagination- and a lot of it. It helped me grow and prosper! And every time I watch it, even today, I can't stop laughing and letting my brain go wild!

I think what I loved about this was that in the two main character's house, there was an entire world to explore, simply by lifting up a couch cushion... (Not to mention an awesome (imaginary) remote control!)
Ahh, the Joys of Reading...
Reading and Learning were my first passions in life. All of my teachers, along with even more books, made sure of it. Reading is my get-away, no matter what I'm doing, and it still is!

I can let go with reading, and even though now there's not much time for it, when the time comes, I feel like I've been enabled to fly...
64 Zoo Lane!
64 Zoo Lane was one of the things I loved to watch/do right before reading to go to bed. It showed me the wonder of the animal kingdom, and everything about it. I always imagined myself jumping out of my window at night and joining a magical lane...
Harry Potter...and Rick Riordan.
Harry Potter and Rick Riordan (Author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians) came to me at approximately the same time; around 4th grade. These two series were the ones that really instilled a love of reading in me, and ensured me to keep it so in the future.

I would not stop reading these- so much so that I would read until I woke up with the book in my hand...
Who remembers that story of the adventures your little toes had? And the names that went with it?

This Little Piggy was the first book that I ever remember reading, and I would read it every night- and in all due time, I had memorized it. And along with it, a love for reading.
This Little Piggy...
Shel Silverstein- a poet to remember...
When I was young, I went to a reading made by Shel Silverstein of- what else?- his own poetry. After that day, I was prancing about, always expressing my love for his writing and poetry to the world. Even today I find myself thinking back to some of his simplest words...

And of course, this could lead to what else but Dr. Suess?
Pokemon was the first thing besides school, running, and reading that I had an obsession with. That was all I ever did with my friends! That's played a role on me today because that was how I met the people that became my friends, and they still are today! My friends influenced and encouraged me, but that wouldn't have happened without Pokemon!
Today, in the more recent events of my life, one of the main influences have been Hetalia, an anime in which countries are personified, and their personalities are built off of stereotypes from each country. My best friend introduced me to this, and she has been the one to solely cheer me own throughout life, and this is one of the many things that brought us closer together...
Jackie Robinson, Bible, and James Dean Quotes...
James Dean, Jackie Robinson, books, and God have all been primary influences in life, and they, along with many other things, all keep me going throughout the day. They help guide me through pathways, duck under low branches, and show me where I need to be.

Without these quotes and philosophies, I would be lost. Oh, so very lost...
Star Wars
Star Wars, along with a few other things, were in the short line of obsessions that I have, or have had. This was one of the things that kept me so energetic, and I would always talk about this all throughout the day.

Oh, the joys of the Galactic Empire...
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