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Innovative Approaches to Youth 
Gang Prevention

From the experiences of Violence Prevention Projects in El Salvador and in Guatemala

CECI Communications

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Innovative Approaches to Youth 
Gang Prevention

Community Based Crime
and Violence Prevention Project Lessons learned Questions and Discussion Innovative Approaches
to Youth Gang Prevention
In Central America Experiences
from El Salvador and Guatemala 5-year project funded by USAID, 2008-12 Roberto Samayoa, CECI El Salvador
Ottawa, November 2nd 2012 Implemented by RTI and CECI Total Budget: US$ 7.7M, US$ 4.5M in Grants Incidence in 15 high-risk communities 3,500 direct beneficiaries, 2,600 youth Crosscutting themes:
Youth at Risk and Gender Perspective Intervention Areas The 4-legged table:
Inter-Institutional Working Groups Innovative Youth Gang Prevention Initiatives in El Salvador and Guatemala Young Social Entrepreneurs Implemented by the Salvadoran Association For Rural Health – ASAPROSAR

Total budget US $133,000

15-month project

150 young men and women beneficiaries from 3 municipalities

Objective: To generate spaces for the identification and replication of crime prevention protection factors for young men and women through planning and implementing social entrepreneurship initiatives.
Training in Social Entrepreneurship, including leadership, empathy, teamwork , etc.

Created a culture where youth are recognized as powerful agents of change

The youth formed 30 clusters to develop social ventures that aimed at solving community-based problems

Their social ventures in areas such as recreation, waste management, art training, were assessed by experts who helped in improving success rates

All social venture initiatives received seed-capital to initiate their activities Strengthening Technical, Entrepreneurial and Productive Capabilities Implemented by: Corporate Foundation for Educational Development – FEPADE

Total Budget US $405,000

10-month project

1,650 young men and women from public schools in 4 municipalities

Objective: To provide vocational training in order to develop and stregthen the entrepreneurial spirit of young men and women from low income and low education level communities. 872 youth participated in a comprehensive technical training training program, 60% women, 40% men

Development of skills for a specific trade

Trades are selected in a participatory process, some of these include: typical crafts, gastronomy, electronic equipment maintenance and jewelry design Component 1: Technical-Vocational Training 778 youth received training, 64% women, 36% men, in 5 progressive modules:
1. Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit
2. Strengthening Associative Entrepreneurial Abilities
3. Identifying Business Opportunities Workshop
4. Seed Capital Contest
5. Seed Capital for Business Start up

19 of the 26 businesses created are still running, in areas such as auto-shops, beauty salons and corner stores Component 2: Developing and Strengthening Entrepreneurial Spirit Think Different, get your Mind into Art! Implemented by Cultural Association for Scenic Arts - ESCÉNICA

Total Budget US $88,000

11-month project

284 direct beneficiaries and 5,219 indirect beneficiaries
All young women and men from 9 schools in 2 municipalities

Objective: To create educational spaces to foster art and culture among children and teenagers in order to offer youth violence and crime prevention alternatives to high-risk communities. Training in scenic arts with a “playing to learn” approach, including theater, dance, circus arts and experimental music

Training focuses on:
Developing expression and communication abilities
Generating trust and camaraderie among participants
Identifying and developing leadership skills
Learning techniques to identify and solve community problems by non-violent means
Learning techniques to develop social art Get your mind into art! Lessons Learned Social prevention of violence is a complex process that requires comprehensive responses
Crime and violence need to be addressed locally, through participatory prevention plans that include gender equality and youth at risk considerations
Participatory crime prevention involves step-by-step capacity building processes of multidisciplinary and inter-institutional work teams in the field Lessons Learned Social prevention of violence is a complex process that requires comprehensive responses

In order for youth violence to be successful, it needs to be addressed locally, through participatory prevention plans that include gender equality

Participatory youth violence prevention involves step-by-step capacity building of multidisciplinary and inter-institutional work teams in the field

Youth must have a leading, active role in violence prevention processes Community leaders Women Children Youth Justice Police Health Social Services Education Council Members Mayors Social Workers Municipal Staff Private Companies NGOs Foundations Churches Social entrepreneurship 1- Young Social Entrepreneurs

2- Strengthening Technical Entrepreneurial and Productive Capabilities

3- Think different, put your mind into art!

4- Veratours Implemented by Grupo Gestores

Total Budget US $108,000

12-month project

1160 young women (48%) and men

Objective: To promote local business development and job opportunities for youth in the Municipality of Tactic, through business skills and vocational skills training. Groups from each municipality worked together on a Youth Festival
where different talents were exhibited

Certain youth groups are still performing in public and private
events Veratours Roberto Samayoa, CECI
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