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what are your plans for the future?

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Transcript of what are your plans for the future?

Managing Life, Future plans
What about the future?
what about the future??
What the difference between do and make??
ok let's check the grammar!
Let's see if they got it!!
What can you say about this video?

What's going to
happen Doc?
I have no idea,
let's watch these
Time to play..
Touchstone 3, Unit 6
Martin! we need to help this guys to understand
how to talk about future plans, intentions, predictions, promises using will and going to
Let's watch this video, then in groups be ready for a competition.
What are your plans for the future?
On a piece of paper draw your hand and in each finger write at least two plans according to the category
I should -I ought to (advisable)
I'd prefer-I`d rather (preferable)
I have to-I've got to (necessary)
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