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Waiting For the Rain

No description

Anna Spell

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Waiting For the Rain

Waiting For the Rain
Prezi By Juliana, Hazel, and Anna
By Sheila Gordon
Place- Johannesburg, Oom Koos's Farm
(South Africa)
Time Period- 1970s
Tant Sannie
Oom Koos
Tant Sannie- Frikkie's aunt. She is against blacks going to school.
Oom Koos- Frikkie's uncle, he also oversees everything on the farm
Frikkie- Tengo's best friend at the beginning of the book. He spends his holidays hat his Uncle (Oom Koos) farm.
Tengo- main character. He has to make a hard decision between getting an education, and trying to get equality for his race.
Joseph- Tengo's cousin. Helps Tengo make important decisions about his life.
Sissie- Frikkie's younger sister. She doesn't like life on Oom Koos's farm.
Tandi- Tengo's sister. She is constantly sick due to tuberculosis.
Rev. Gilbert- he is a white liberal who tutors Tengo so he can succeed in school.
Important Events:
Oom Koos's birthday party
Tengo leaves Oom Koos farm to Johannesburg to get an education
Protesting at the school
Tengo is deciding if he wants to continue his education or fight for equality
Tengo gets caught up in a riot.
Frikkie's cousin yells at an old man in Tengo's tribe, calling hime boy
Important Events
Oom Koos's Birthday Party
Tengo leaves for Johannesburg to get an education
The school starts protesting against the unfair black rights.
Tengo is caught up in a riot in Johannesburg
Tengo has to decide whether to continue his education or help fight for equality
Frikkie's cousin starts yelling at an elder in Tengo's tribe like a young boy. Tengo realizes then how differently his people are treated.
Once Tengo learns that he will never be the owner of the farm and will always be looked down on he decides to get an education like Frikkie. So he leaves his family and the farm to live in Johannesburg with his cousin, Joseph.
After Tengo has been at school awhile, protests start about the unfair education rights for blacks. The military keeps the school shut down so Tengo can't go.
Tengo goes into town and sees people starting a riot. Soldiers come and he gets caught up in the crowd. He breaks away and is chased by a soldier who ends up being Frikkie.
Joseph offers Tengo a chance to go to America and continue his education or stay in South Africa and work on getting equality for all races.
Universal Message
True friendship is stronger than anything else, any emotion of the human character.
In the final scene when Frikkie and Tengo meet again inside a shed after a riot, they have changed. Frikkie has joined the military against his will and Tengo has gone to school and become part of the protestors. Tengo, before realizing the soldier is Frikkie, knocks him out and Frikkie is lying helpless on the floor and Tengo standing above him, angry. Tengo has to make the choice whether to kill Frikkie or let him live. He lets him live, because he remembers their friendship. It was strong enough to survive the physical and emotional pain that came along with them growing up and the society's rules, and was the motivation for many of the things they did.
In Waiting for the Rain, the main character, Tengo, a young black boy, grows up on a farm owned by a white family. Tengo becomes friends with the farmer's nephew, Frikkie. Frikkie visits the farm often with his family and as Tengo and Frikkie grow older they began to realize that because of their different races they are treated differently. So when Tengo moves away to get an education, Frikkie stays on the farm, which he wishes to own someday. After Frikkie joins the military as a requirement, he runs into Tengo again. They stayed friends throughout all of the struggles. This book is about how two boys of different races struggle through their friendship during the South African Apartheid.
Oubaas- "old master"; Frikkie's uncle
Kleinbaas- "young master"; the black people who worked on the farm referred to Frikkie as this
Kaffir- a derogatory term directed at native South Africans.
Piccanin-a slightly derogatory term meaning one who is young and/or foolish.
Kraal- small villages of mud huts for the blacks to live in.
(Afrikaan Words)
Train to Johannesburg (like the one Tengo rode on his way there)
Thanks for Watching!
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