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Environmental Issues in Latin America

No description

Ashlee Chambers

on 18 January 2012

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Transcript of Environmental Issues in Latin America

Environmental Issues
in Latin America

Amazon Rain Forest
Air Pollution in Mexico City
Amazon Rain Forest
Background Information
Brazil is home to the largest rainforest in the world... THE AMAZON RAINFOREST
It is home to the largest variety of plants, trees, insects, animals, and birds
Produces 1/3 of the world's oxygen.
In the 1950s, the Brazilian government needed a way to travel and trade from Central Brazil so they started building a highway system
The population has also started to grow which results in a need to build farms
This led to loggers cutting down large areas of trees which is known as deforestation
Animals are losing their habitat, many are becoming endangered, and some extinct.
140 species each day are lost due to deforestation.
Loss of trees increases carbon dioxide
More Carbon Dioxide contributes to global warming.
Laws have been created to control the amount of forest that is cut down. However, little money is spent on enforcing those laws.
Environmental groups and governments from around the world are working with Brazil’s government so the largest rainforest in the world can be saved
The groups are also educating people & helping them find ways to use the forests’ resources without destroying the rainforest.
Air Pollution in Mexico City
Background Information
Nearly 20 million people live in Mexico City
It is one of the top five largest cities in the world
Mexico City is considered to be the world's most polluted city due to the large population and location high in the Sierra Madre Mountains.
Kids have even reported to rarely use blue for the sky because the pollution is so bad!
Causes of Air Pollution:
Car exhausts + large population = A LOT OF CARS!
In areas with high elevation the air is less dense so there is less oxygen, therefore fuels do not fully burn
Sierra Madre Mountains surround the city and trap the polluted air

High levels of gas can harm the eyes, lungs, and heart
Acid Rain
To reduce air pollution, the city promotes public trasportation like buses and subways
The city is testing buses that run on cleaner burning fuels
There are restrictions on car use
The government is educating the people on how to protect thier environment.
Oil Pollution in Venezuela
Background Information
Venezuela is the largest producer of oil in the western hemisphere.
Oil has boosted Venezuela's economy and is the main source of income for its people
Lake Maracaibo, the largest lake in South America, is becoming polluted with oil.
Oil spills have damaged the environment therefore Venezuela's coast has become polluted with oil
Toxic fuels are also released from the process of extracting oil.
Toxic fuels = air pollution
Fisherman have a difficult time earning a living because of oil spills
Venezuela leads South America in carbon dioxide production
Causes breathing problems for children and elders
Also leads to global warming
Oil polluiton is causing the eastern shore of Lake Maracaibo to drop about 3 inches a year. This may lead to an increase in floods of nearby towns.
Groups are calling for renewable energy sources and the clean-up/prevention of pollution
Oil Pollution in Venezuela
Which environmental issue do you think is the most detrimental to Latin America's enviornment?
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