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No description

Angelique Moore

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of PetSmart

Advertising Will
Provide Most Growth From products to services
Mission to provide Total Lifetime Care
Services success bolstered by PetSmart Charities PetSmart's
Total Lifetime Care Industry Growth:
Good or Bad? Establish consistency between its stores
Integrate PetSmart's website and mobile app with stores
Reconfigure and improve its advertising strategy PetSmart's Alternatives Growing market means new competition Establish
Store Consistency A wider variety of products should be offered online
Online purchases from home computer could be picked up at the store
Ability to browse items at the store and shipped to the owner's home Integrated
Omnichannel Experience Increase awareness of the unique services and products offered
Emphasize PetSmart's exclusive products and "Pets are Family" attitude
Advertise PetSmart Charities and adoption services Change and
Strenghten Advertising PetSmart sees pet parents rather than pet owners
Providing more specialized goods
Pet supply industry growing Walmart, Costco, Sam's Club providing larger assortment
Online pet supply retailers increasing Challenges with differentiating Difficult to differentiate itself from Petco
Customers unaware to convenience of online shopping
Advertising focuses on products also carried by competitors Illustrate advantages to their target market Currently vary in layout, assortment, and services
Develop a consistent look and layout for all PetSmart stores kjhkjh
Reinvent color scheme and design to stand out Help ease customer's shopping experience Considerable time and finances necessary High investment necessary for high end distribution system Ability to shop all of PetSmart's offerings 24/7 Bring awareness to name and offerings including PetSmart online Strengthen PetSmart's overall brand with distinct look in ads Form a deeper emotional connection with pet owners Reshma Danak, Angelique Moore, Madison Morris, Mike Revis Consumers delight increased by the convenience Distinction from Petco and other competitors Different color scheme and design would reduce confusion Relocation may confuse or upset customers Take away from store management autonomy Change of design may reduce recognition rather than help to differentiate Amount of sales increased with ease of online shopping Total customer's shopping time increased Meets conveniency needs of the customer Physical locations may lose in-store sales to PetSmart online Products inconsistent with customer expectations Technology investment necessary for in-store kiosks Stronger connection to shopping at PetSmart Will make customers want to provide best possible products and services possible Viewpoint is a strong competitive advantage Increasing awareness will attract a larger market of pet owners Costs necessary will be substantial Need time and finances for research, production, airtime and printing Advertising campaign may fail, and consumers will not feel any stronger connection than before
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