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Untitled Prezi

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Arianna Cabezas

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Creation Of
Good & Bad Isis and Osiris have never seen eye to eye.
For decades there was a strong tension between them. In their everlasting battle, both overseers got severely hurt. Their sacred blood dispersed throughout the land. The earth shook violently separating the light from the darkness. When the soil absorbed the sacred blood, good and bad creatures emerged from the ground. >As they were being formed they separated.
>Osirisi’s blood created the evil creatures while Isis’s blood created the holy.
>Osiris ruled over the evil creatures causing them to be selfish, greedy, and hateful.
>Isis’s followers were molded to be kind, caring, and loving. The conflict that started within the creators was passed from them to the people.
Both sides wanted to conquer each other’s land. At the start of the battle Osiris ignited the holy land. Iris used rain to drench the land to put the fire out. This vicious altercation left many holy people dead. To retaliate, Iris lashed out a mighty thunderstorm in which the lightning wiped out most of the evil population The enraged God’s then created animals to abolish the remaining opponents.

Osiris created the Ram; he used his horns to pierce through the flesh of the holy.

Isis created the polar bear to claw the demons to their death. Isis then unleashes a power too strong for Osiris to withstand. He uses Obeah to take over his body and soul. Isis shrivelled Osiris into a snake like figure,
which he abandoned thinking it was dead Little did he know that the serpent was not
deceased and remained on earth. Isis proclaimed himself victorious and started his 7 day creation to achieve a new beginning. Isis created a fruit tree that was planted on top of the supposedly dead serpent. His first human creations, Titus and Mia, fell into the serpents trap....thus good and evil remained a part of our world for generations to come.
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