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Revolutionary War Newspaper

No description


on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of Revolutionary War Newspaper

A Bittersweet Moment
"The duty of a patriot is to protect its country from its government."-Anonymous
Weather in Boston, Massachusetts:
News and Important Events:
The Battle at Bunker Hill:
*For the events listed, dress as formally as possible.

*John Bracegirdle and Elizabeth Wainwright are getting married at the local cathedral on January 6th.
*Margaret Jacobsen had passed yesterday evening. Her funeral will be on January 5th, or Friday.
*Deanna Rose just had her child two days ago! She has decided that the name of her son will be Edward, and a party will be held in celebration of his birth at her home.

The Patriot leaders in Boston sent Benedict Arnold and 400 of their men to New York State to get supplies from Fort Ticonderoga. They had to attack the British and capture the fort to get the supplies needed. This was accomplished in May last year. At Boston, the patriots kept the British pinned down while the British attempted to form a battle plan. On June 17, the colonial militia was at Breed's Hill. This area overlooked Boston and seemed that it gave them an advantage over the British. The colonists didn't have enough gunpowder, so it had to be used sparingly. Soon enough, the colonists eventually had to retreat. This was a victory for the British, though the number of Patriots had lessened.
Sunday, December 31, 1776
Vol XCII, No. 119
The British Retreats
At Lexington and Concord:
Women's Roles and Opinions in the War:
How to Contribute
Last year on April 19, the battle at Lexington and Concord had truly begun the revolt against Britain. British troops advanced towards Concord to seize supplies, and our fellow Patriots ended up confronting them on the way there. Since only seventy armed minutemen were there, the battle literally ended in minutes. Eight of the minutemen died and ten others were badly wounded. The British were practically unscathed and continued on their way. The weapons at Concord were hidden as quickly as possible, so the British were without their supplies and cornered. The minutemen at Concord were then able to make the British retreat to Boston. The British ended up suffering great losses at this time.
Many women today have husbands and family members fighting in this war. To stay close to them, a woman can follow the soldier, whether it is your husband, brother, or son. This is called being a camp follower. Camp followers do normal tasks around the home like doing laundry and cooking. Some sell their wares nearby. Other women don't particularly agree with this, and believe that the newly created Declaration excludes their personal rights. A delegate's wife, Abigail Adams, even believed that if she will not be represented, then she does not have to abide by such laws.
The Daily Discovery
Boston, Massachusetts
“Stand your ground! If they mean to have a war, let it begin here!”- Captain John Parker
Battle of Quebec, Canada
Since the Patriots were usually low on supplies, most leaders would fight a defensive war. But others at the time wanted to invade Canada, a British-controlled country. In November 1775, Montreal was captured by the General Richard Montgomery and his troops. The next major city to take over was Quebec. The general Benedict Arnold wanted to take Quebec as well, so the two joined forces. The two armies attacked during a blizzard on December 31st, 1775 and were defeated. The Patriots had lost their chance at taking Canada.
A Crushing Loss
*Services will be held on Saturdays and Sundays from eight to nine o' clock. Come in your best clothing.

*Bible Study for children will start at three to four o'clock in the afternoon.

*The monthly picnic will be canceled due to the harsh weather.

*If there are issues with transportation to church, contact Aaron Reyes and tell him when and where you are going, and where you live at the moment.
The Treatment of the Native Americans:
Going back on one's word
When this war began, the British and the colonists greatly encouraged the Native Amerians to not choose a side during the war. However, this summer many Indian fighters were being recruited. This contradiction continues to occur in many other ways. Due to the Proclamation of 1763, no one is allowed to settle near Native American lands. To this day, colonists have been staying on Native American land, disregarding the Native American's rightful land and rights. It would be a shame to see this continue in the future. No matter who wins this war, there's a great chance that the Native Americans won't benefit from this, nor would anything actually change at the moment.
Today's weather has been and will continue to be a day full of heavy snow and harsh winds. It would be best to stay inside if one can for their safety and health.
Alton John Adams
No fixed home
35 years of age
Distinct Features/Description:
Hooked nose, wavy hair, sharp chin.
Murdered merchant named Ethan Wilson out of anger.
*If you see this man, contact us immeadiately. A reward will be given.*
Apprentices needed to make them into skilled craftsmen to aid others in the war.

Workers needed to build another school. Write a lettter to George Wilksbooth if you are eligible.

Whalers and fisherman needed this month, for valuable oil and food.

Jobs and Items for Sale:
Beef, pork, and furs for trade. Anyone who comes first will be given the items, only if you have anything just as valuable.

Two sacks of oatmeal and animal furs will be given to anyone with
rare spices.
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