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Ragen and Stephanie-Middle Passage-pd.5

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lib hist

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Ragen and Stephanie-Middle Passage-pd.5

The Middle Passage
What should be done today as an after effect of the middle passage?
Today the American should pay decedents of tortured slaves like they do to the descendants of native american tribes who were mistreated in the colonial times.
What in your opinion was the worst part of The Middle Passage?
The worst part of the middle passage was when the Americans in general didn't treat the Africans like people; they treated them
like cargo and livestock. Then they started
the evil slave trade they stacked and shoved
the living slaves into crammed spaces to ship as many as possible like invaluable goods being traded. Then when they were in America they were stripped to nudity and inspected head to toe then sold to american buyers like they would do to livestock; choosing their pick of the litter, the healthiest of the bunch.
Why is it important for students to learn about The Middle Passage?
In order to, in depth, fully understand America's history then we need to learn every element associated with it; including the darkest secrets of our past. One of the most horrible of all that kept America flourishing and thriving was the Transatlantic Slave Trade; also known as The Middle Passage.
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